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Welcome Week opens up June 11, Sunday for people to register on Flight Rising for a week. Just saw it on their website and thought I'd tell anyone interested in joining the site. My name there is the same as here so if you sign up and have any questions feel free to friend me and ask away. I'll try my best to answer them all. Hope to see some fellow Roli's there :blossom:
There's a few new avi sites I'm following!! Voltra is opening next wee for beta I think, you can get a beta pass if you donate before~~ And there's a little contest going on heheh. They have cute big headed chibi bases!!

Then there's a new one I found today , Pantheon!! They have regular styled avis, and have a whole theme going on!!

And then there's Dappervolk, a gorgeous styled pet-avi site combo! They're launching a kickstarter at the end of the month, and stream bi weekly i believe!

Hnng anyone else got some new ones? I'm very excited lol.
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