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Welcome Week opens up June 11, Sunday for people to register on Flight Rising for a week. Just saw it on their website and thought I'd tell anyone interested in joining the site. My name there is the same as here so if you sign up and have any questions feel free to friend me and ask away. I'll try my best to answer them all. Hope to see some fellow Roli's there :blossom:
There's a few new avi sites I'm following!! Voltra is opening next wee for beta I think, you can get a beta pass if you donate before~~ And there's a little contest going on heheh. They have cute big headed chibi bases!!

Then there's a new one I found today , Pantheon!! They have regular styled avis, and have a whole theme going on!!

And then there's Dappervolk, a gorgeous styled pet-avi site combo! They're launching a kickstarter at the end of the month, and stream bi weekly i believe!

Hnng anyone else got some new ones? I'm very excited lol.
It's super cute!! I'm on their discord and getting tons of info before they start up their kickstarter, it's looking very promising!!

Also Voltra is launching on the 1st of september, out of alpha and anyone can join then!!
How is that even going to work? And I need to search their announcements to read that. I haven't been able to see the new announcements when I go look because the only one with a new post is the top one so I never paid attention to it since I never found it easy to see the new posts.
  • Honestly I'll be glad to see Solia bite the dust. Bunch of BS people running that site, way back even when it was BRAND spanking new. Donated copious amounts to them, to encourage the growth, they randomly banned me and claimed I "charged back" and refused to answer any of my questions. It took 4 messages from 4 new accounts to get an answer, because the first 3 said "use the e-mail/link" in the help page, and it took the 4th to actually listen to me and look that the link wasn't even THERE.

    THEN they said, finally, that I "charged back" and it was "cause for immediate ban".

    What happened? THEY tried to TRIPLE charge me for my donation, and my CREDIT CARD company canceled the extra two. THEN they refused to acknowledge the mistake, apologize for it, OR unban my account that had dozens of rare items on it that I had purchased.

    Basically either tried to steal money from me thinking I wouldn't notice, or had an error in their system causing a triple charge; banned me when my credit card company automatically fixed the error; THEN blamed me for it, and stole all the items I'd legitimately paid for myself.

    That was when I came to Roli. Never regretted THAT switch.
Jesus Voldemort... That is really horrible. I know how losing things on it is like. Same thing happened to me but my case was a bit different. Ex saw I donated to them, like I did other times but this time he told them to return the funds because he didn't want to support them since it was stupid and childess to be on a avatar site and I got banned for him trying to charge back the charges that I made.

I know all too well how stupid they are that are running the site and worse, I swear the horrible people left Gaia because of eventually took over the site. I just logged in on my mule account that had nothing at all to look at pretty avis ~_~ And I noticed how much they changed after a few years. The paid currency changed for the worse. It's like you need more to purchase one of the items and it costs more. But I don't think that might be true, my brain reads numbers differently since I have dycalulia (no idea how to spell it, numbers dylexia, again spelling lol.)

I checked out and it seems odd how they are changing things. Still confused after reading their new site. And it even seems they have been struggling for a year or more with what I could tell.
I never really liked Solia all that much. I loved how pretty and customizable the avatars were, but the people in the forums were "meh" for the most part. It didn't help that the amount that you'd earn for posts wasn't that much. I think they also had items that were several thousand gold when they had only just launched.

I'm honestly surprised that they were alive for this long. I remember when they started offering dyeing items, but I don't remember if they used their "donation" currency or the gold currency.
Subeta is my favorite. I was a member since the beginning.... but now I have, sadly been banned. I'm super miffed! It is just the best. It's an Avatar Forum and Pet site combo... lots of really cool features. Most places I go just don't compare.

***What I am REALLY looking for is a site (not necisarrily avatar forum, and not necicarraly pet site) that is heavily focused on items. I like restocking, user shops, quests, collections/galleries. It sounds simple but apparently it is hard to find... :( If anyone has suggestions I would love to hear them! **
Stylo wrote:
Wed Aug 23, 2017 9:07 am


dappervolk looks cute


It sure does! How on earth do you receive an invitation though? :( I want to join.
Right Sai? I'm sorry you went through the same/similar thing.

I do agree, they had/have beautiful avatars. The beauty and etherealness of them and the items in the beginning of the site is what drew me there. I hopped ENDLESS amounts of avi sites after leaving Gaia. But Solia kept me.

Until that situation lol.

I will say thanks to whomever mentioned Voltra! The hubs is an electrical engineer, so the electrical puns all over the site are making me giggle as I see them.
Puu-chan I think dyeing was all the paid currency at first and it still is. Just seems more expensive since they don't do double digits anymore it's all triple digits for their things now and not sure how long that way. I just go on and look at my avi. And I agree with the prices of shop items. They were expensive when you first started. >.>

Lexa I'm sorry to hear that. I have no idea on places that do quests. Zantarni does quests during their events only and that is to get event items. Furvilla has quests but they are expensive to go and buy since you have to buy most of them when you aren't in the village that requires you to buy the item from the shop and some items are a bit hard to buy in the village shops since they are the rare and expensive items, like things for clothing for your villagers. Otherwise only place that has 'quest' like things that I can think of is Tripshee and that is posting in certain areas a specific number of times and you get this currency you can buy items from the special shop with but the items to me are eh at the most.

HAHA Voldemort, that is cool. Glad you get giggles on a nice site. Hope you enjoy Voltra. The avis of Solia always caught my attention, so damn pretty but now since they changed too much and going down the toilet I guess ... Ugh why can't fun sites not change. For the worse at that. At least we got Roli which I am so happy about.

Re: --Avatar Sites: Talk about other avatar sites ...

@Lexaeternal It's not really a site but if you just want to collect items and quest for stuff you can try out Love Nikki. It's a dress-up game app on your phone/tablet and it has a story and levels and tons of crafting, evolving...all sorts of stuff like that. It doesn't have an in-game community aside from associations, but there is a pretty active facebook group for it. o 3o

I'm so lost reading Solia's stuff...trying to figure out what exactly it is they are doing. I saw something that says they are going to unban every account that was ever banned. Idk if they're still doing that but my account is still banned sooo lol. It's been ages but I'm still mad about it. I got banned for "trolling." I guess having negative opinions counts as trolling. x)

I checked out Voltra but I still prefer Roli. That site just reminds me of all the other closed/failed sites that also had that street/grunge/punk kind of feel to them, and it reminds me way too much of Fork. I am not a big fan of that look, anyway, and the avis are kind of awkward looking IMO.

I am waiting on Dappervolk to open and following their facebook page. It looks pretty cute.
Goddess- If they unban people that is going to be shock. I didn't read that but I also haven't really read many of their announcements or news since for the longest time they have been harder to figure out what is going on and I don't care enough to fully read everything they post. I gotta keep an eye on that. Wonder if they actually would do that. Who knows.

I'm also keeping an eye on Dappervolk. Kinda hoping they are way better than Furvilla. FV has quite a few issues and they haven't been released to the public long enough to have these issues.
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