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The Countdown dun dun DUN

Can’t tell if its counting down to a halloween event or the two weeks paid leave I have coming up :kissing_closed_eyes:
How do you know?

But I can’t believe theres no thread yet? (or if there is and i’m just blind then, you know, Soz?)

You know, and all that Jazz.

Re: The Countdown dun dun DUN

I'm so ready for a new event! I completely neglected to be active during the last one - only got like two of the event items lol.

Re: The Countdown dun dun DUN



@insaneluzer : your avatar is so cute! Which hair is that again?

I was wondering when someone would finally make a thread about the countdown. I thought it would've happened days ago XD

So what kind of event do you guys think we're making? What theme? What kind of items are you hoping for?

Come on, let the conspiracy theories fly wild :laughing:


Re: The Countdown dun dun DUN

To be honest, I'm kind of hoping for a scavenger hunt kind of event, or even better, a trick-or-treat one :grinning:
Maybe one where you have to press a button below an avatar, and if 'treat' is randomly selected and not 'trick', you get candies or something that can be spent on event items. That'd be neat :grin:

I'm thinking it's probably going to be a halloween event of some sorts, something spooky

Re: The Countdown dun dun DUN

@freyate: Thank you! It's the Bibbity Bobbity hair! :grinning:

Re: The Countdown dun dun DUN

Four and a half days left!!

Also my holiday leave is not so exciting anymore. Just found out work is having a few fancy dress days for halloween that i'm going to miss out on D: wah.

Re: The Countdown dun dun DUN


I am hoping for more posting contests! That was really fun during the birthday event.
Roli has had some awesome Halloween events over the years. I agree a trick-or-treat thing would be super fun. We already have quite a few pumpkin event items, so maybe there will be some candy items or more spooky costumes this year?

Re: The Countdown dun dun DUN



@Melodie I'm so glad you liked the posting contests!


@Everyone: which were your favorite events from the past? And why?


Re: The Countdown dun dun DUN

I loved the Bloody Valentine event! The event items were really cool and wasn't there like a "Kiss" or "Stab" option under everyone's username? Something that I remember you could click under people's names for different event currency. Idk, it was fun though!

Re: The Countdown dun dun DUN



Oh yeah the bloody valentine items were so nice!

As for me: I prefered any event that didn't focus soly on getting event currency by posting. So like with that event there was a kiss and stab button to click and that gave you currency too. And there were plenty of others similar to that. So I liked all of those. Since I'm more a lurker than a poster :P (Trying to change that though)


Re: The Countdown dun dun DUN

So close! I gotta remember to check in tomorrow and see what's up.
Someone make sure they remember to post on the Roli facebook page tomorrow so maybe I'll remember lol.
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