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What makes you active?

So what actually makes you come online and post? Is it that you only do it when you think about it and just usually don't? Is it that there is a new item you want and need the gold? Do you only actually come online and chat with other people when there is an event going on?

When is it that you find yourself actually being active on the site? Do you usually find yourself coming online and just browsing without actually engaging? What would change that?

Just curious about what influences the posting habits of others.

Re: What makes you active?

It's 2017. There's really no fucking point I think. I can communicate with my good friend, @foxotanashi, but I can communicate 20 times faster on Facebook. There I can also comment on the status of her life, so another anti-Roliana win for Facebook.
I guess what I'm saying is Roliana has been amazing since I met it July '07 when I was 11, but if Amanda pulled the plug tomorrow, I don't feel it would matter. A site I liked growing up is dead, but I saw it at it's height and I'm watching it Blockbuster itself.
I hope my good friend Caitlyn doesn't ban me for saying such mean words on a site that helped raise me.

Re: What makes you active?



I come online every day if I can. Except for a few "offline" days. You know, those kind of days where you just turn off everything involving the internet and just "unplug" I guess. Well to me it isn't unplugging since I usually watch tv if I'm not reading a book or something, so that's why I call it "offline" days instead.

Ofcourse coming online doesn't necessarily mean that I post too XD I used to be such a lurker back in the day. These days, ever since I became a staff member basically, I try to post more so I can help the site keep the activity up. I find that that is every staff's job. So we get activity up some more and engage in conversations with our users some more.


Re: What makes you active?


making post decor encouraged me to post but once we updated and now the code bbc is messed up i just don't enjoy having to fix it every time i make a post

Re: What makes you active?

    • It's mostly about nostalgia and the off chance of catching chuu online.
      I always try to support sites like this, but I tend to spread myself thin and forget about some of them.;;;;

      I wish avatar sites are little more active, but unfortunately even gaia is slow now a days. = u =;;;

Re: What makes you active?

All my friends stopped using Roli around 2011 so I kinda lost interest at that point...
Then a couple of years ago I checked back when I was feeling nostalgic (that nostalgia soon turned to embarrassment after re-reading my old posts :grimacing: ) but yeah I guess since then I've been coming on out of habit? I have the site bookmarked so I just automatically open it whenever I use the internet. I'm lazy with posting though, when I was younger the thought of earning gold through posting motivated me to write paragraphs but now I mostly stick to the 1 word games :p

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always nice to have ppl come back!

hi and welcome aboard!!

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