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Makes me happy. Especially since it meant so much to a number of people. I am so happy the place has kept going and the memorial is still up. This place really has stood the test of time. Makes me so happy to see familiar things after so long away. :heart:
@littleblack: yeah we're gonna do a lot more backups now. Before, whenever we tried to do a backup it tended to screw things up. Like either the site would go down temporarily or the backup would become corrupted and unusable.
That's actually the reason why we only have a working back up from august and lost 4 months of posts and changes =/ Cause it took like 2 days for that one to actually finally work. Needing to manually do the backup bit by bit.

Just doing 1 small change to the database could take hours/days to complete *sigh* So hopefully now it can be done more easily.

Oh yeah do you still want our joined shop LB? viewtopic.php?f=6&t=211336

@batmeg: Yeah doing well....But ...Well, I'll tell about it in a bit. :P
Read below the line. :wink:


@ everyone: So the day before yesterday I fell down the stairs. :disappointed: Luckily I was already near the bottom. I'm trying to figure out how it actually happened. Did I slip, misplace my feet or did I got drowsy because of low blood pressure.... I've got no clue. It went so fast that I'm not completely sure anymore.

Result: Sprained ankle, bruises, bruised rib and my hip and back hurt like hell.

But things are finally getting better a bit.

Thank goodness I didn't land on top of my dog. I always have to carry her down the stairs (she's a small dog) cause she slips on the stairs and got too scared. I don't mind doing it, but when I fell I could've fallen on top of her, but somehow I didn't. It's probably how I hurt my back cause I apparently turned so she would be unharmed. She literally landed on her feet :laughing: like a cat :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: And while I was groaning in pain on the floor, both my dogs came over licking me in the hopes they could lick the pain away... Which didn't work of course. But it was so cute.

EDIT: In case anyone wants to go to their user panel: ucp.php?i=profile&mode=reg_details
You can edit your profile, your signature, your password here :)
glad to hear that you are alright! o; must've hurt! i remember running upstairs once to pick up the phone when i slipped and fell. my nose hurt affff but the funny thing was that there was nothinggg on the ground to trip me up.

altho, my upstairs is completely carpet so it might explain thinggs.
Yup! Same. I know people go cause of life or just not interested but still every now and then old face comes back XD

Ewww...... Then again the original owner kind of just did it (or so I heard)
Shop? Oh wow! That's like aaaaaaaaaaaaaaages ago! I forgot all about it! Could do really but need to have a look what I can sell. Also work out what I bought and is missing.

Eeeeks! Did you go to the doctor to have a look? Well... I'm guessing you did >x<
Your dog loves you! So cute!

Reminds me slipping on the stairs. Was going to take something out in the back and it was bit raining, so was carrying all these glass and then *slip*, it was like slide but on stairs. The glass all broke, though didn't get any glass on me, but I was in pain. Husband didn't notice cause was too busy doing things. Anyway after that I got fright with that stair.
Oh and the landlord when came to fix something was like "I'm looking into replacing the stair, I'm worry it might be slippery" Me "Been there done it" Landlord didn't know what to say.
@littleblack: I didn't go to the doctor actually. It didn't feel broken at all. I figured with rest, things would feel better. I didn't want to pay for a useless X-Ray anyways. I'd need to call an ambulance to get to the hospital since we don't have a car. Which ofcourse costs a tonload as well...Not worth it. Especially if it's for nothing.
Hip is feeling better. My back still kinda hurts, but that might be because I'm sleeping downstairs in positions that I don't like so I'm a bit more cramped while sleeping as to not hurt my foot. It doesn't hurt as much as it did right after the fall. My rib is feeling better too. Mainly cause I rested a lot the past few days.
My foot is at one moment getting better, and on another getting worse. I think that the rest is now backfiring ... Cause I think my foot/leg muscles are now cramping due to the lack of use ^^; Oh well, gotta exercise the foot a little bit without hurting the sprain :P Should be possible.

Yikes that fall of yours sure sounds painful. I can vividly imagine it :laughing: I've always had a fear of stairs...Well actually more a fear of falling.
When we go outside, the tiles are very slippery too when it rained. It's ridiculous. Same with the brick path in front of the house :astonished: It's freakishly slippery. It doesn't even need to have rained with the brick path. If there is like a damp in the morning (y'know on the grass and such) then the path is slippery :astonished:

@Hotarla: LOL. Trying to imagine that fall and in every scenario I imagine you falling backwards if you're running up the stairs. Unless you just slipped down 1 step and fell forward. Then it's possible to hurt your nose I guess XD Probably just missed a step instead of actually slipping?
LOOL no I fall forwards when I trip up stairs. The stairs are also carpeted as well as my upstairs level so it's pretty easy to slip up them. My foot just slips on one stair and bam face first lol. Or more like bruised legs/knees lol.
Sounds so painful x_O
So on a total different topic: Do you guys play pokemon Sun and/or Moon?

I managed to buy a game for cheap 2nd hand and finished playing the main plot haha. So now I'm doing the post play...Filling up my pokedex etc. Going pretty good since I got 60+% so far in overal pokedex :P

I was actually surprised I could get the game 2nd hand so quickly :astonished: I guess people didn't like the help they have ingame. It can get rather boring at some point to be guided through everything so thoroughly but on the other hand, I loved it. I always knew where to go next and where I couldn't go yet. I finished the main story in record time :o

So what you think of it?
Oi. Sorry folks. I had a mini breakdown, quit my job (after only 2 weeks of working there x.x; ) and am currently waiting for call backs from 2 prospective employers as well as applying to others. LIIIIFE. D<

Frey: Is moving a bit closer a realistic possibility at all? It breaks my heart to think of you not following your dreams or doing things that interest you, because of how far away they are. We're slowly inching our way towards the city. x.x; going to look at apartments on Monday that might maybe possibly be in our price range? (fingers crossed) which would shave about an hour off of our daily commute, not including traffic. They are wanting a $250 deposit for each animal we would be bringing, though... so with our cat and dog that would be an extra $500 we have to try and come up with on top of first and last month's rent and deposits for electric and water. x.x; they really make it hard for people trying to better their living situation. Right now we're all smushed in a tiny one bedroom apartment like an hour outside of the city. The drive is do-able, but definitely stressful especially in bad weather. I completely feel your pain when you talk about how you don't want to try for jobs that are too far away because of the commute. It's really hard and stressful to get there on time and you lose out on a lot of sleep and time with friends and family.

Hota: My wallet is grateful that there are no spin items currently. XD I was hopelessly addicted when they were first released. <3 probably will be again once my finances are a little more in order. -clears throat- I have a ton of amazingly adorable items to catch up on as-is. D; everyone's avatars are so cute. Mine's been like this since... halloween? >.> and even then it was a quick cop-out. I need to sit down and make an avatar I can be proud of <3 That used to be one of my favorite things to do on here. ;-;

batmeg: ^-^ yep. Thanks to the lovely members here, this place is still up and running. XD I can't take any of the credit at all. D; I've been so bad about getting on here and posting. ;-;
mizo; well SIs haven't been reintroduced i think, i'm not sure...well whatev...xD;;
i'm sorry about the job, i need to look for one too...D;

frey; finished pokemon sun some time ago, the alolan pokedex isn't that large anyway, only 301 pokemon. you get a shiny charm for completing it and there's no nat. dex to complete...:>
@Mizore: Sucks about your job. Hopefully you get a new job soon.
And no moving out is not an option. I'm actually in a good location right now with my mom. There are 2 bus stops just a 10 minute walk away and then there is the train+bus station which is a 20 minute walk away (30 minutes if I'm tired and am dragging my feet :P) So when it comes to public transport it's pretty okay. I just hate wasting the time on the bus/train when there are perfect good jobs in the neighbourhood but they always prefer "experience".

Also sucks that you need to do an extra deposit of $500 for your animals, but honestly you guys actually have that possibility. In Belgium it's nearly impossible to get a decent house while having animals. I think we only got lucky with this property because I'm suspecting they got a lot of applications from foreigners and they didn't want to rent out to foreigners. Not being a racist, but in Belgium there is an increase of problems with foreign renters who basically destroy the house when they leave it. And they are kicked out because they don't pay rent. So yeah... Our landlords prefered us cause we're basically belgians :laughing: Even if it is with dogs. Maybe also because I was willing to put down an extra month rent as a deposit (=€690 extra) to rent this property. We didn't have to, but the willingness to do it says alot.

I just wished I could get a job, so I could save up alot of money while living at home. Then I can maybe look into buying a property for myself. Wouldn't need to loan much money from the bank etc. So I feel, each day, week, month, year I'm without a job is just lost time in my saving plan...

Anyways, I hope you can get a property in the city soon. Cause you'll be saving up loads of money on transport by cutting that out of your daily routine. AND you'll start feeling healthier. More time to relax, more time to sleep, so you'll just feel better in general. Less prone for depression, illnesses or even a burn out. So better for health and for your wallet haha.

@Hotarla: Yeah it's small, but I dun care. I like it :P What's a shiny charm? Cause to me it sounds like a device to increase the chances of getting a shiny? Cause that would be awesome :P

@About the Spin the wheel items: They're definitely coming back. We're just trying to work out a fair system for people to get a shot at the missed out items from august till january. We're kinda stuck on that. Nothing seems "fair" enough.
For example: let's say you got that rare SI on the first go and now you need to spend tons of plats to get the same SI.
Or the other way around. Spent a lot of plats to get that SI and now you could get it at the first go?
It doesn't seem fair... So we're working on something to make it more fair for people. What it'll be...we're not even sure of :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

If you bought platinums during "the Lost Months", we will start handing those out soon. We're making a list of all the donators and granting them their platinums once we've finished that list.

Same thing with the bank etc. All the gold you had in the bank, isn't lost. It's still in our database. But we just haven't renewed the page yet to access that gold :wink: It'll come some form or the same. We're still working on it all.
frey; i like it too! because that means spending less time getting a shiny charm lol. and yeah it just increases your chance of getting an alt. ver. colour pokemon.

and thx about the update about the SIs! i went through the same situation: i used up a looooooooot of plats, even buying more, just to obtain a rare item. umuuu, i hope i don't have to go through that again...;w;
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