A place to buy and sell your items

Saw someone asking about the wish list now and I feel pressured.... ;A;
Feel like I need to get it done like now but panicking at the same time. No idea what I'm panicking but yeah... >.>

Ohhh!!! You'll be fine! I mean everyday I'm learning a bit and at the point of learning CSS. Can't believe I still remember some of the stuff so I'm like just reading it and jumping a bit XD (which makes me happy that I do remember)

You can only do what you can. I mean I don't see the list going down anytime soon lol

@Shi Ohhhh!!!!
I won't have any idea what to do with that XD
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@Shiyura : Ofcourse I could take on more than 1 apprentice. It's just a matter of guiding in the right way and seeing if I can give any tips or pointers.
I'm curious about that userscript though. :astonished: Tell me more. Or PM me or....I don't think we've shared skype yet? Or facebook? I dunno. You decide :P

@littleblack : No need to feel pressured hunny. It'll be done when its done. It's that simple. It was the same way with the bank, marketplace and trades. It got done when it got done haha :laughing:
So take your time and we'll see what happens.
I need some inspiration on the looks anyways. I'm kinda wondering how I want it and not getting any creativity juices going.
If you have an idea on how it should show up and what should be in it, you could use paint (or whatever paint program you've got) to show me how you invision your idea?

@EVERYONE READING(@Shiyura , @littleblack , @Hotarla etc...): if you all want to give some input on how the wishlists should look, let me know! Please! I really need some inspiration on how I should make things be displayed.
So just like I said to littleblack, use a paint program (whatever you've got) and make a look a like page. How you'd like the items displayed and what kind of buttons you thought off. Upload the images some place and PM me with the links to the pictures. And if you want to give some explanation, feel free to add in the pm.
I may end up combining great ideas together or if a certain idea comes in multiple times I'll most likely use that idea.
Seriously it helps me out big time! Might help littleblack too in her html and css task :wink:

That is true. When it's done it's done.
Though idea... not really. Going to go on a hunt for insperation. The only one I do have is from Subeta cause I do like how they've done their wish list there. So that might be something.
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@littleblack All you have to do is install it through a userscript manager like Tampermonkey or Greasemonkey and then follow my short setup notes in the script. ^^ Let me know if you want it.

@freyate I'll PM you! I have some bug fixes to share too.
@littleblack : yeah sometimes you can get inspiration from other sites. Whatever you need to find it and to make things work out.

@Shiyura : OMG I think I forgot to say the following in my reply to your PM, cause I was distracted with giving feedback: Shiyura you're amazing! Great bug fixes! Everyone will love the fact that these things are finally fixed!

Will do. Didn't get around it today :( Forgot tonight hubby is running a marathon so went with him. *sigh*

give it to frey?
Though I do want to give it a try XD Why not! XD

lol You never know till you give it a try!
I mean me and crochet and knitting I thought it was hard but it's darn easy! Now I just need to learn how to read a bloody knitting pattern!
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I've created a new user group called Coder Apprentice. And I put both littleblack and Shiyura in this group.

So if you go to the index page and click to see who is online, and then click on "Coder Apprentice", a list will show up with both your names listed. Also if you go to the team page, you will see you guys show up as well (now I hit 2 birds with 1 stone cause now I know how to fix the error on the team page aswell :P ).

I asked someone on the pixel team to make the rank image :smiley: So that rank image is showing up in the above pages +
your profiles :smile: I hope you like it!
Ah yeah x_X Sorry about that. It changes the color everywhere and on most places it's on a white background so perfectly viewable. Except for the header then.

Come Hot! Join us in the world of coding!!! XD

I got two people in life into it and one almost finish her scarf, but then while waiting for the wool to come in her motivation was gone >.>
If you ever want to pick up knitting I got youbute channel for you :D
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It's a magical world of coding :innocent: You have no clue what you're doing but stuff is still appearing and disappearing. You have no clue why it does this or that and then there is the moment of glory where everything works and you have no clue why :laughing:

lol That just sums up everything about coding XD

Think I'll have a bit more time to do coding, contract for this job ended early so been told today that tomorrow (friday) is my last day. On the bright side because of this job it got me the house and gave us a big buff as well. Now just hope when finding the next job will be easier. Yeah right! Job hunting is never easy!!
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