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@Hotarla : INDEED!

@JillianPotter : Indeed. That's the only thing that is keeping me going :laughing:


Re: {Platinum Inflation Countering League}-- 5 Pla...

lol i've only written them up on docs so i haven't posted anything yet...xP and i'm not quiiiiiiite sure who you're referring to with that 'they'...xD kinda confused me a bit pft since i haven't actually POSTED anything....

anyway, how's your day been? i got a day off from work today because we didn't have enough supplies to actually WORK with...xD;;


It's weekeeeeend! WHOOT! FINALLY! Was so looking forward to it!


You must have been very tired then @Hotarla. I've had a couple of those days myself. Bloody annoying because you couldn't do anything of what you wanted to do
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