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Looking For New RP Partners

To get it out of the way quickly and not waste anyone's time, I usually RP BL, can do either seme or uke (or seke) depending on the pairing, I /can/ do GL but haven't really had much experience with it, would be willing to do non-romantic if the plot is interesting enough (though this is also something I've admittedly rarely tried), and I only play (and play with) OCs (usually in an original universe/setting/story/etc., though I can be more flexible about the latter).

Now, on to what we all came here for...

It's been quite some time since I've been around, but I've got the RPing bug once again, and am looking to find one or two (or even three!) good 1x1 roleplaying buddies.

I will say now that although I will do my best to reply often, life is busy and it may take me a day or two. Still, that's time I'll be spending formulating as amazing a reply as possible. I can be on most days, except weekends which are generally busy for me.
I know that's when a lot of people have their free time, but unfortunately - with a rather busy work schedule - I don't have much choice, so please understand if I am not usually around on Friday or Saturday nights.

I can do thread, PM, email...whatever's easiest, really. I tend to prefer threads due to posts being editable and being able to go back and read previous pages, but it's not a deal-breaker.

I'm open to just about any genre, though I have my favorites.
From cliches to the super-original, just hit me with it if you've got a particular idea.
If you want me to shoot out some ideas, just send me a PM and we can throw plots back and forth until something sticks (or at least until we're covered in bruises and have run out of ammo).

For some possible plot examples, I have:
Bodyguard X Employer

Undercover cop X some guy (they meet in a bar and half the fun is the cop not being able to reveal himself)

Medical Issues (played this once with one character with photosensitivity and the other with severe anemia - think Katawa Shoujo but out of school and into the real world)

Pokemon (yeah, pretty much...every boy dreams of leaving home some day and going on his own Pokemon adventure, right? The TV said so. XD)

.hack:// (Sign or G.U.)
Musician X Fan/Band Member

Only real rules are proper grammar (and most spelling, since spellcheck exists), obeying the site rules, just being generally cool, etc. etc.
Oh, and a good sense of humor goes a long way. I won't say I'm a master of comedy, but puns and sarcasm are not uncommon for me in normal speech and I can't promise they won't pop up.

That's about it, really, as far as I can think at the moment.
Cheers, then.

Re: Looking For New RP Partners


Hello! I like the plot with the undercover cop and other// It could a gangster or the person he has to go after but doesn't know it yet?

Re: Looking For New RP Partners

Bumping becuase I disappeared for a while due to life stuff and now have free ime again (sort of - or at least I need RPing again enough to make time).

So whether you're just now seeing this thread or someone who replied an never heard back - drop me a line! I hope to be around longer this time. ;^.^
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