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Re: 2017 pixels

Others can post here, yeah?
I've checked this thread out a few times and I gotta say, these are wonderful and I love them!

Re: 2017 pixels

others can post here ofc, and thanks guys! im working on ffxv themed pixels? so hopefully i have more
( also participating in Noctisweek : august 24-30th)

Re: 2017 pixels

These are so good! I'm hype to see the FFXV pixels coming up!

Re: 2017 pixels


-- BUFFER --

i'm excited to see your finished pixels

-- BUFFER --

Re: 2017 pixels



I can totally see why you'd work so long on that last one @wrath of meowmix. It's extremely detailed and therefor looks like it would take a lot of time :astonished:

Amazing work!


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