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Buying a new Wacom?

Theres a new Wacom tablet that i'm debating on buying but I can't make up my mind.

I haven't done anything digitally in over a year after my first tablet broke and I didn't have the funds to buy a new one. I have the funds now and can easily sell my old adobe disc software for extra funds if need be, however I very much enjoyed getting back into traditional media and experimenting with inks.

Its a hard decision. Is it a waste of money to get back into digital? As it will merely be for my entertainment and no profit. But it would of been incredibly useful in the winter as sketching without daylight is near impossible for me D: (yet its pretty much spring now so maybe I should wait)

I don't know whether I should :cry:

Re: Buying a new Wacom?

Do you see yourself writing out one entirely for the other? (Which, I very much doubt) I'd personally wait, watching for sales and coupons. (But that's just me.) And if it makes you happy, why not?

Re: Buying a new Wacom?

I got you, @PhoenixRose


I'd also say to treat yourself ;P
Traditional materials and tools cost money, so one can invest in digital art tools, too. And since you enjoyed getting back into traditional, maybe there's a good chance you can do both more balanced in the future?

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