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2k18 Doodle Place

RIGHT. Made an imgur account.
If they take a page out of photobuckets book and ruin this gallery for me as well I may rage. Or cry. One or the other.

Feel free to post, comment or critique! I honestly don't mind.
Portals to other places I throw art are in my signature.

First image of the year because i've been art deprived for over two months now.
Trying new techniques

Forest Fire

Re: 2k18 Doodle Place

Still trying to get the hang of the "wet on wet" technique. Not sure if its me or the fact i'm using acrylic inks. No amount of water will shift those once they dry xD
Loving masking fluid though, wish I'd discovered that earlier.

Where the world can't touch me

Re: 2k18 Doodle Place

A redraw of something I did in 2011 XXX Which is currently my most fav'd thing on DA, which upsets me considering that was 7 years ago. Needed to prove I had indeed improved :laughing: It was also an entry for a Valentines event competition on this site too, funnily enough.


Re: 2k18 Doodle Place

Two experiments. I keep getting critiqued that I don't take risks and i'm "stiff". Which is true and I see it. I love art that has relaxed almost lazy/rushed strokes but I can never replicate them and that bothers me. So I've started doing one hour simple painting sessions in hopes of making me more "relaxed", these were my first two speed paints.

There are mistakes in both, in the first I smudged the coloured flowers by mistake xD and in the second some 'out of date' masking tape tore the top layer of paper and almost made me rage quit :joy:

Just because I smile


Re: 2k18 Doodle Place


these are SO good!! will you ever post a video of you coloring?


Re: 2k18 Doodle Place

Aw thank you so much! :grinning:
I do have a youtube with artwork from 2016 and one 2017 headshot, here, but nothing from 2018 yet :/ I did record the drawing of my avatar though, just need to edit it! (which is not my strongpoint)

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