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By Chu*
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xx__Damn son, she hot :sunglasses:
xx__Thank you!! :heart:

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IT'S BEAUTIFUL! You've inspired me to write some more about this story line and characters lol thanks so much, I'm sending the payment now!
By Railas
Also happy to see the art forum somewhat revived. Even before the site shutdown, they were pretty quiet.
Heyyy, love shameless plugging!~ Very nice layout you've got there. Love the plant theme. Also I'm a sucker for cacti and succulents. I miss mine, I left them with a friend for now.
(Post 15)
By Francis
I was honestly pretty surprised by how quiet art shops were. They were always the go-to place to open up a space and mingle without having to leave my space for me :joy:
But they really do seem to be picking up again, it's nice to see. Good luck with your reopening, too!

Thanks :B Do feel free to hop on over there for some plant chats.
We've got just a few cacti in our bathroom. Had a succulent but I think I murdered it with too much water.
By Railas
It seems like a lot of artists just sorta poofed over time. They were always great places to chit-chat. Thanks! I'm glad to be back in the art game.

Don't mind if I do, I'll move the plant convo over there.
(Post 23)
By Francis
Hm, I reckon some customers probably poofed, too. But I'm sure we'll be able to get things to be a bit more lively again, in time.
For me, having an art shop also is usually the time I'm most actively doing art and thus improving. So it's always a good exercise.

Alrightio, see you there, too ;)
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