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Re: [OPEN] PayWhatYouWant - PostWhatYouCan

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xx__Damn son, she hot :sunglasses:
xx__Thank you!! :heart:

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IT'S BEAUTIFUL! You've inspired me to write some more about this story line and characters lol thanks so much, I'm sending the payment now!

Re: [OPEN] PayWhatYouWant - PostWhatYouCan

Also happy to see the art forum somewhat revived. Even before the site shutdown, they were pretty quiet.
Heyyy, love shameless plugging!~ Very nice layout you've got there. Love the plant theme. Also I'm a sucker for cacti and succulents. I miss mine, I left them with a friend for now.
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Re: [OPEN] PayWhatYouWant - PostWhatYouCan

I was honestly pretty surprised by how quiet art shops were. They were always the go-to place to open up a space and mingle without having to leave my space for me :joy:
But they really do seem to be picking up again, it's nice to see. Good luck with your reopening, too!

Thanks :B Do feel free to hop on over there for some plant chats.
We've got just a few cacti in our bathroom. Had a succulent but I think I murdered it with too much water.

Re: [OPEN] PayWhatYouWant - PostWhatYouCan

It seems like a lot of artists just sorta poofed over time. They were always great places to chit-chat. Thanks! I'm glad to be back in the art game.

Don't mind if I do, I'll move the plant convo over there.
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Re: [OPEN] PayWhatYouWant - PostWhatYouCan

Hm, I reckon some customers probably poofed, too. But I'm sure we'll be able to get things to be a bit more lively again, in time.
For me, having an art shop also is usually the time I'm most actively doing art and thus improving. So it's always a good exercise.

Alrightio, see you there, too ;)
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