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By littleblack

Same here it's just need a bit clearing that's all. Grandma been hording a bit too much stuff >.>
And the house need a bit of DIY as well cause it's old. Other then that it's standing there XD
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By iu
heya guys! mind if i join in on the chat? i really wanna become more active.. :'(
it's been a while since i've posted on the forums
By iu
i can't say there's much going on for me, but that's not bad thing.. but last night i had a fun night with my friends! we tried to go to as many places dessert/boba places as we possibly could to try and beat my friend's record of 9 places, but we had only hit 7. we stopped because it started to get late and we got way too full LOL
and yeah~ i changed my name! i kinda got bored of pug and fell even more in love with IU(if you know who that is) with her new mv for palette!
By littleblack

Yeah she's like everything have a use!
Me looking at it..... but.... you got loads of the same thing!

So was are those places like sweet stuff that kind of stuff?
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By iu
@littleblack : yeah! we got ice cream , boba drinks, shaved ice, and more! haha

@`Nyuu : she's a kpop singer. she's one of the most popular soloists and she's killing it! i tried to make an mv-inspired avvie but i feel like it could be better. *lmao i just realized that her whole shirt is purple, and that there isn't even a scarf. oops.. and that the coat could definitely be a bit darker.. i had trouble finding the right hair and face, though and this is what i came up with haha...
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