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Buying Art in most forms!


I’m looking to buy some art, if you would be interested then I want to see examples of the kind of art you would like to make.

I’m mainly wanting art of Gaiaonline avatars, so if you’re not familiar of the items on there... well you can try make them anyway but I’m not going provide single item previews- simply for the reason that some of my avatars are cluttered xD

Anyway! I’m willing to pay with gold as of now, or maybe with ages old event items since I seem to be flooded with those on my other account.

I will be adding images of the avatars I want made in the second post, just to keep it neat. Since this thread will be staying up for quite some time, I’m always looking after art.

Re: Buying Art in most forms!


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Hi there, Naenia! ^^

Your 1st and 6th Gaian avatars really caught my eye, and I would love to draw them for you!

I can offer fullbody colored sketches w/ or w/o backgrounds.
Examples here: [x]

Not sure how much to ask for, and I'm totally willing to accept a mix of gold and old EIs too (if I don't have them already).

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Re: Buying Art in most forms!

*squeeee* Thank you for posting in here, I started to give up hope on getting some pretty art!

I would love to buy art from you and of them both if you would want to make two. Then if you feel like making a background for one or both then I wouldn’t say no to that either :D

Which event items are you missing, do you know that? I can always check if I have them :)

Re: Buying Art in most forms!


⋆ -~`✧ + '' -✦ '✧ ~`✵ - -✧ yes that was a banana ☽

@Naenia Nightshade

Hullo!! ^^ I'm glad I can be of service, hehe! The art forums really seem to have slowed down a ton in recent years ;-;

Awesome!! I'm not the spiffiest at backgrounds, so maybe something on the simpler side would be ok? :-3 Like a chair/part of a wall for the first one for example. But I'll let you know how it goes!

Hmmmm actually hard for me to say ;-; I'd have to look at the item guide and figure out which ones I'm missing still, I'm lucky and was able to buy some I'd been missing for years recently ^^ I'll get back to you on that!

And sorry for my delayed response! I had a really busy weekend.

☾ nobody expects the banana ✧- - ✵`~ ✧' ✦- '' + ✧`~- ⋆

Re: Buying Art in most forms!

Yeah I have noticed that this part of the site I sent rather slow, but then again the marketplace are slow too ^^’

That would work just fine, so no worries! I don’t have so many art pieces with a background so I would be happy getting even just a simpler one.

So there exist a item guide? I have been searching after one but without being able to find it... I must be blind xD

Pffft delayed response you say? It took me five days before I noticed your post, I never got a ping about it ;.;

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