For artists, writers, and coders to sell their work
Well, that can be both good and bad, depending. Lol

Re: ✿Half Baked✿ Now Opened!


I don't see it as a good thing
cause i get bored easily.


Well...That stinks. :(

Though, if you're still interested, there is that rp that we briefly talked about before you got super busy. Maybe it would help alleviate some of your boredom? IF you're still interested anyway. Otherwise, I said nothing. :)

Re: ✿Half Baked✿ Now Opened!


yeah and I should get around to it.
I'm like so lazy lately. but yeah I will definitely get around to our rp.
might help distract my mind.


Well, I can send you Raiya's character specs and whatnot if it helps! There is absolutely no rush, though! :)

Re: ✿Half Baked✿ Now Opened!


Finally got around to replying.
so sorry it took so long.

I have been in such a lazy funk.
But trying to shake it off now.


Well, you're not the only one with late replies so no worries. Haha

I understand the funk. It's no fun to be in.

So...have you had any thoughts on the rp? Out of curiosity?

Re: ✿Half Baked✿ Now Opened!


I have no thoughts right now
cause I do not understand things usually when i first read them lol.


Haha it's cool. :)
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