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By nduns
Neil looked around and picked out a few items of his own, saying, "I can do so much with these."

Soon enough, the items were purchased and the two were headed back home, Neil saying, "After the last couple of days, this is nice."
By nduns
Neil nodded and replied, "Yeah, that would be nice. So far, all I've done is cook and get beaten up."
By nduns
"We'll see after we get back," Neil replied when he looked around and said, "Maybe some other time, we can just go out for a walk or something."
By nduns
Soon enough, both returned home as Izy was currently with Lisa. When she heard the door open, she said, "Oh, look, they're back. It was actually peaceful again, too."
By nduns
"Like a typical shopping trip," Neil replied with a shrug, "Though I guess it was nice actually shopping with someone else again," Izy blinking and trying not to look interested.
By nduns
Izy tried not to react to that statement, either. Neil smiled and said, "Well, let's get started, shall we?"
By nduns
Neil led Neena through the recipe, giving her directions for how she could help as Izy watched and said, "Well, pervert or not, he'd actually make for a good husband."
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