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Re: Orphans on the run (Private!)

((Haha that's not what I was thinking, but that's brill! XD))

"In most cases its usually an evil stepmother isn't it? So she's...and odd case." Hamish frowned. "Oh gods..we can't leave them alone for a minute. I don't know what I was thinking!" He said when reminded of their crew's particular knack for getting in trouble.

So he said, but he continued to pull her closer. One final tug and she was in his lap. "Captured." Hamish said with a grin, wrapping his arms around her. "I wonder how much it'll cost to rebuild the station..." He said as though he had no intention of going anywhere.

"Wh-what the hell!" Keaton sputtered. "You're actually awake aren't you? Oy! What do you think you're doing!?" Getting no response, he tried to scoot over, but it was futile, because he was already on the edge of the bed. So then he just sort of sat there, his back ramrod straight, not knowing what to do.

Nick whistled to himself as he took his leave. Ah its always so much fun to pester her. He thought smiling to himself. She gets so sadistic! He chuckled, a swing in his step.

Re: Orphans on the run (Private!)

((Hehehe, yay!))

"Well... we could always pretend we don't know what kinds of trouble they could get into and spend another half an hour in bed? We deserve not to have to deal with them this early in the day!" Chelle gave him a pleading smile.

"Heck to it, we'll give them our wages for the next decade to rebuild the station, just as long as we don't have to go in until later!" She wrapped her arms around him in return and kissing him softly. Just as their kiss finished, both their phones rang, making the kitten jump.

I'll get you, you cowardly custard! Shifting her head, Sanders slowly moved closer to Keaton's cheek. "K-Kea-eaton..." she breathed, deliberately relaxing into him.

Re: Orphans on the run (Private!)

"We could just say that...we got caught up in a press meeting in which he had to staunch the tide of crazy reporters and escape to make it to the office after saying 'No comment' for the millionth time." Hamish suggested. "Though that lie might catch up to us eventually, when no news is released." He pondered, hugging her close.

"Sounds fine by me!~" Hamish declared, kissing her back, enjoying every minute they had alone-until in symphony their phones started ringing off the hook. "Aaaugh curse it all. Must everything be an emergency!?" He growled, grappling for the phone, while the kitten batted at his hand, believing this to be some new game.

Keaton lay there in a cold sweat. Her breath on his cheek made him shiver. Somebody kill me. He thought to himself, about ready to scream 'enough!' to make her stop. She had to be awake, right? Definitely wake. He could feel her sidling up next to him.

S-sanders what are you doing...? He whispered inaudibly, the pleading whisper inside his head, as though somehow he could will her to stop, though not surprisingly, he got no response. If I stay like this any longer I am going to go insane. He thought to himself frantically. Then and idea came to him. Hold on, two can play this game.

Keaton forced himself to relax, breathing in and out slowly, so that he wouldn't appear tense. After a minute or two he 'murmured' in his feigned sleep, and threw and arm around Sanders. He could hardly believe himself. You are asleep. You are asleep. You are most definitely asleep. Breathe slowly. Shit what am I doing?! He thought in that moment, trying to coach himself though his heart was racing. What if she can feel that? Shiit. Shit. But...this is nice.

Re: Orphans on the run (Private!)

A devilish expression lit up Rochelle's face. "We could always tip off the press ourselves, make sure there will be news somewhere. How are you at fake accents?"

Rochelle glared at her phone, then snatched Hamish's out of his hand and threw it to the other side of the room. "No! Not this morning!" She grabbed his hand and used it to pull him close to her again. "We deserve some 'us' time!"
Of course, the kitten took exception and pounced on her head, making her jump. "Eek, kitty!"

Yes, my plan is work- what's he doing? Aiiee, Ke-Keats, are you sure you want to be that close? But... it IS nice... maybe I'll stay here. Unless he can feel my cheeks. Gah, stop burning! You'll tell him I'm embarrassed! Sanders slowly began to slip into sleep again, even as she edged her head a little away from him again.

Once properly asleep, she fell back against him. "Mmm, Keaton..."

Re: Orphans on the run (Private!)

"You know, I like the way you think." Hamish said in his best Irish accent.

"Ah I'm glad, I didn't need that dratted thing anyway." He clutched her hand in his. "I agree. Its been too long since we just had some time for just us. How about I make you a nice breakfast in bed, and then, we can go check up on our delinquent officers, perhaps harass them a little, then go catch a movie?" Hamish suggested. Then he burst out laughing when the kitten found its new favorite perch. "A very nice fluffy had you have there." He reached up to pet the kitten with his free hand.

Oddly enough, by forcing himself to act calm, Keaton actually became calm. Sanders made no further movements, other than to move her head, and Keaton began to wonder if he'd been mistaken. Maybe she had been asleep the entire time after all. He lay there pondering this, if that was the case he was somewhat relieved.

Shortly, he too drifted off to sleep, his arm still around her.

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