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Re: Orphans on the run (Private!)

((Haha that's not what I was thinking, but that's brill! XD))

"In most cases its usually an evil stepmother isn't it? So she's...and odd case." Hamish frowned. "Oh gods..we can't leave them alone for a minute. I don't know what I was thinking!" He said when reminded of their crew's particular knack for getting in trouble.

So he said, but he continued to pull her closer. One final tug and she was in his lap. "Captured." Hamish said with a grin, wrapping his arms around her. "I wonder how much it'll cost to rebuild the station..." He said as though he had no intention of going anywhere.

"Wh-what the hell!" Keaton sputtered. "You're actually awake aren't you? Oy! What do you think you're doing!?" Getting no response, he tried to scoot over, but it was futile, because he was already on the edge of the bed. So then he just sort of sat there, his back ramrod straight, not knowing what to do.

Nick whistled to himself as he took his leave. Ah its always so much fun to pester her. He thought smiling to himself. She gets so sadistic! He chuckled, a swing in his step.

Re: Orphans on the run (Private!)

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"Well... we could always pretend we don't know what kinds of trouble they could get into and spend another half an hour in bed? We deserve not to have to deal with them this early in the day!" Chelle gave him a pleading smile.

"Heck to it, we'll give them our wages for the next decade to rebuild the station, just as long as we don't have to go in until later!" She wrapped her arms around him in return and kissing him softly. Just as their kiss finished, both their phones rang, making the kitten jump.

I'll get you, you cowardly custard! Shifting her head, Sanders slowly moved closer to Keaton's cheek. "K-Kea-eaton..." she breathed, deliberately relaxing into him.

Re: Orphans on the run (Private!)

"We could just say that...we got caught up in a press meeting in which he had to staunch the tide of crazy reporters and escape to make it to the office after saying 'No comment' for the millionth time." Hamish suggested. "Though that lie might catch up to us eventually, when no news is released." He pondered, hugging her close.

"Sounds fine by me!~" Hamish declared, kissing her back, enjoying every minute they had alone-until in symphony their phones started ringing off the hook. "Aaaugh curse it all. Must everything be an emergency!?" He growled, grappling for the phone, while the kitten batted at his hand, believing this to be some new game.

Keaton lay there in a cold sweat. Her breath on his cheek made him shiver. Somebody kill me. He thought to himself, about ready to scream 'enough!' to make her stop. She had to be awake, right? Definitely wake. He could feel her sidling up next to him.

S-sanders what are you doing...? He whispered inaudibly, the pleading whisper inside his head, as though somehow he could will her to stop, though not surprisingly, he got no response. If I stay like this any longer I am going to go insane. He thought to himself frantically. Then and idea came to him. Hold on, two can play this game.

Keaton forced himself to relax, breathing in and out slowly, so that he wouldn't appear tense. After a minute or two he 'murmured' in his feigned sleep, and threw and arm around Sanders. He could hardly believe himself. You are asleep. You are asleep. You are most definitely asleep. Breathe slowly. Shit what am I doing?! He thought in that moment, trying to coach himself though his heart was racing. What if she can feel that? Shiit. Shit. But...this is nice.

Re: Orphans on the run (Private!)

A devilish expression lit up Rochelle's face. "We could always tip off the press ourselves, make sure there will be news somewhere. How are you at fake accents?"

Rochelle glared at her phone, then snatched Hamish's out of his hand and threw it to the other side of the room. "No! Not this morning!" She grabbed his hand and used it to pull him close to her again. "We deserve some 'us' time!"
Of course, the kitten took exception and pounced on her head, making her jump. "Eek, kitty!"

Yes, my plan is work- what's he doing? Aiiee, Ke-Keats, are you sure you want to be that close? But... it IS nice... maybe I'll stay here. Unless he can feel my cheeks. Gah, stop burning! You'll tell him I'm embarrassed! Sanders slowly began to slip into sleep again, even as she edged her head a little away from him again.

Once properly asleep, she fell back against him. "Mmm, Keaton..."

Re: Orphans on the run (Private!)

"You know, I like the way you think." Hamish said in his best Irish accent.

"Ah I'm glad, I didn't need that dratted thing anyway." He clutched her hand in his. "I agree. Its been too long since we just had some time for just us. How about I make you a nice breakfast in bed, and then, we can go check up on our delinquent officers, perhaps harass them a little, then go catch a movie?" Hamish suggested. Then he burst out laughing when the kitten found its new favorite perch. "A very nice fluffy had you have there." He reached up to pet the kitten with his free hand.

Oddly enough, by forcing himself to act calm, Keaton actually became calm. Sanders made no further movements, other than to move her head, and Keaton began to wonder if he'd been mistaken. Maybe she had been asleep the entire time after all. He lay there pondering this, if that was the case he was somewhat relieved.

Shortly, he too drifted off to sleep, his arm still around her.


Re: Orphans on the run (Private!)

"Pfft, oh no, that's just- haha, NO!" Rochelle lightly slapped his arm as her shoulders shook. "No-one would buy that. That's exactly like Drinner whenever he's trying to get us to believe that he's feeling ill so he can go home early." She cleared her throat, then spoke with a deadpan tone. "I feel sick, I can't stay until the end of the day. Please let me go home. Cough, cough."

"I love the idea of breakfast - especially since you'll be cooking it." She winked at him. "The movie sounds great too, but do you really think we'll be able to leave the building once we arrive at work and get caught by them?"
"Hey, don't pet her, her claws are digging in! Ouch!" Rochelle batted Hamish's hand away and tried to get the kitten off her head.

"Owww," Sanders hissed as something started throbbing. Opening her eyes she discovered that, somehow, she'd all-but wrapped herself around Keaton as she slept. Her head was on his chest and one of her legs was draped over him. How am I supposed to move now? Oww, he's pressed against my injury...

Re: Orphans on the run (Private!)

Hamish laughed at her impression. "Hmm, you may be right about that. Haha...who else can you impersonate? That was spot on! You sounded exactly like him."

Hamish waggled his eyebrows. "We'll just have to tell them that we left free doughnuts in the breakroom? Should hold them off long enough to get away, don't you think? Right then, off I go."
Hamish returned after a short while with two plates with eggs and bacon. "For you milady~" He said sliding it into her hands.

"Sanders..." Keaton murmured in his sleep. " idiot..." His voice remained quiet. But then his brow furrowed. "Stay away...from her you bastard.." Keaton began to look increasingly distressed in his sleep. A bead of sweat was forming on his brow, and his fist began to tighten its grip—on the back of her shirt.

Re: Orphans on the run (Private!)

"Ooh, someone got up on the wrong side of the bed - or did you just wake up beside the wrong person, hmm? You look a little rough this morning. Want me to give you my," she lowered her voice and waggled her eyebrows, "special cure for hangovers and one-night stands?" Rochelle gagged as soon as she finished speaking. "I really, really wish I didn't know him well enough to impersonate him! Ugh!"

Rochelle frowned down at the plate. "I don't know what it is, but I think something's missing..." She slowly raised her head, stared at his lips and smirked. "I think I know what this breakfast needs." She put the plate on the bed beside her and grabbed his face so she could kiss him. "Hmm. Definitely."

"K-Keaton? What're y- ow, OW! Let go!" She squirmed in his grip, trying to get free without waking him.

Re: Orphans on the run (Private!)


Hamish cringed. "Ooh. Wow. That was too spot on. Don't ever do that again." He advised.

"Salt? Pepper? My undying love?" Hamish inquired, prepared to head back to the kitchen to retrieve said spices. "And just what would that be?" Hamish asked, having a feeling he knew where this was headed. "Mmm.."
He settled into the kiss. "Yes it needed a bit more of that," he agreed, kissing her back.

"He's finally gone..." Keaton mumbled, his hand loosening and flopping to the side. "Sanders..." Keaton stirred a little, his expression now serene. "I L--ft you some coffee in the breakroom."

Re: Orphans on the run (Private!)

Rochelle sighed happily and cut into her bacon, inhaling the wonderful smell before eating it. "Mmm. A man who can cook bacon," she waggled her fork at him, "I think you just might be a keeper."

Sanders stared at Keaton, bug-eyed. How was she supposed to sleep next to him if he might grab her like that at any minute? Slowly she edged herself away from him, making sure she was simply beside him rather than covering him like a second blanket. She cringed. Since when did I become so damn mushy that I become a freaking blanket for a guy? I never even did this with Harvey!
She shuddered and wrapped her quilt tightly around her, grateful for something a little more solid between her and Keaton. Sanders closed her eyes and fell back asleep, unaware of the fact that blood had started to seep from her wound...

Lucy woke up with a start, her hand grabbing for something, anything. She found a hand and released a shaky breath, squeezing Matt's hand. Around them the other children were already awake and preparing to go about their day.

Re: Orphans on the run (Private!)

"Oh definitely, because I can keep feeding you. Plus you haven't even tried any of the eggs yet." Hamish winked, urging her to continue, waving his fork at her for with flirty emphasis while eating from his own plate.

Keaton woke several hours later with a start. He sat up in bed slowly, pushing himself up with his free arm. In doing so, his hand brushed up against something liquid. "What the..?" He held his hand up to his face and was shocked to find to covered in blood. It took him a minute of examining in his groggy state to realize that he wasn't the one bleeding. He looked down at his side where Sanders slept-and nearly had a heart attack. Surrounding the shoulder of her hospital gown and blossoming through the blankets was a horribly fresh bloodstain. She looked deathly pale. "Oh gods..this is bad..bad..bad bad!" He exclaimed, with shaky hands he lunged for the call button and in the process sent it clattering to the floor just out of reach. "Shit!" He ripped out his IV so that he could scramble out of bed to snatch it up, jamming on the button. Keaton frantically raced back to Sanders, gently nudging her in hopes of getting a response. "Sanders! Are you okay? Wake up!"

Matt had fallen asleep for about a few hours, but he awoke to movement in the warehouse. He didn't dare open his eyes, but he could hear Graham shuffling around in the dark. At least he fairly certain it was Graham based on the sound of the footfalls. Matt couldn't help but wonder what the other boy was up to. He continued to listen intently, trying to control his breathing so that it remained steady. Matt's paranoia kept him awake even when the shuffling noise ended, and he wasn't able to fall asleep again until it was nearly morning. He woke to Lucy squeezing his hand. He squeezed back. "Morning..." He mumbled in a daze. He was then startled by the loud sound of Graham banging on the tin wall of the warehouse loudly. "Rise and shine everyone, we've got work to do!" Graham smirked with satisfaction when he saw Matt jump.

Re: Orphans on the run (Private!)

Chelle watched him for a moment, her expression playfully speculative. As he lowered his fork towards his eggs, her fork pierced some of his bacon. "I can't wait to try stolen bacon that someone else cooked for me..." she teased, taking a bite slowly and grinning. The bacon on her own plate was exactly the same, yet there really was something delicious about 'stealing' food.

Sanders grunted weakly at whatever was shaking her. "Go 'way," she breathed, eyes closed.

The nurses raced into the room, the first one through the door berating Keaton as she entered. "Hey, what do you think you're doing, leaning on the button? Do you realise what it's for- oh."
She started firing off orders to the others. Sanders was surrounded and someone was pulling on Keaton's arm to get him to give them some space. "Come on sir, come over here and let me check your wounds too, ok? She'll be fine."

Lucy gave Matt's hand another squeeze then rose to her feet, everything stiff. Still she stood as tall as possible, defiant against Graham's attitude. "Good morning." She strode to the youngest child, Pinkie, and knelt down beside her. "Did you sleep well?"

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Re: Orphans on the run (Private!)

Hamish gasped. "Hey!" His fork clinked hers as if they were dueling, momentarily, before he let her get away with it. "For shame! A police officer caught stealing bacon. Whatever will we do with you..." He murmured, shaking his head.

"I damn well know what its for, I'm just not sure that you do! Look." Keaton snarled, pointing to Sanders. He yanked his arm away from the nurse in question. "I'm fine, I'm fine!" He tried to shoo her away while peering over her shoulder to try to see what was happening next to Sanders.

Graham rolled his eyes at Lucy and continued banging until Matt stood up, glaring.
The sleepy Pinky rubbed her eyes, yawning. "I don't want to get up yet."
"You want to eat, get out of bed." Graham growled, stomping around the room and nudging one of the boys who hadn't gotten up yet with his foot.

((The police officer? Only if you want her for something?))

Re: Orphans on the run (Private!)

Rochelle's eyes gleamed as she savored the bacon, then slowly put her fork down. "I have some ideas," she murmured. A second later Chelle was on her knees before him, her head bowed and her hands held out, wrists together. "Arrest me, Officer Colerson! I put myself at your mercy - only, if you would grant one request, I ask that you put me under house arrest for the rest of today."

Chelle couldn't resist glancing up at him through her eyelashes, desperately trying to keep her expression innocent. "It would be the worst punishment, not to go to work and see our Dear Darlings, to listen to their sweet voices all day and deal with all their strife. Please, place me under house arrest - for the rest of the month, if you think that would set the best example!"

"Yes, well has it occurred to you that it would best help her if you got out of the way? If I don't treat you and you wind up in worse shape, she won't be able to get the attention she needs because we'll have to split our focus. So would you just lie down and let me examine you?!" The nurse took a deep breath and gritted her teeth. "Please."

"We'll have to move her out for now - Jackie, do you have him?" One of the nurses asked the one talking to Keaton. Even as Jackie nodded, the others swept Sanders away so they could sew her up again.

"Hey! No need to make things worse." Lucy glared at Graham and smiled softly at Pinkie. "Come on, let's go find some food shall we?" She offered Pinkie her hand.

Re: Orphans on the run (Private!)

Hamish cocked an eyebrow. "Do you now?" He leaned in closed. "And what might that entail?" He whispered into her ear. He grinned as she suddenly knelt down and offered up her wrists freely. Hamish grabbed her wrists with his hands, making some faux handcuffs out of his as he dragged her to her feet.
"Its definitely the harsher punishment. Surely Sending you to help our little angels would only be a reward. I assure you. I'm not going to let you out of my sight."

"Aren't you already splitting the focus?!" Keaton was also grinding his teeth at his point, but he at last obliged and lay down. "Just hurry up and finish." He kept turning his head to look in Sander's direction with a pained expression as they wheeled her away.

Pinkie took Lucy's hand with a shy nod. Graham huffed, but decided to let the matter rest for now. He went back to making sure the rest of the orphans were up. "Scratchy. Dart. You know the drill. We're going to town. Take Mars with you. Matt, you're coming with me. Lucy, I want you to stay here and watch over Pinkie, Prince and Hops."
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