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The isolated town of Brightwood was nothing special to look at: at least, not at first-glance The buildings were all made of the same unpainted wood, taken from the surrounding forest, and the streets were little-more than strips of packed-down dirt, and a rudimentary wooden fence surrounded the town .
Still, Brightwood was kept safe and clean. The local elves often liked to think this was largely due to their own lofty standards, which the other races could never quite manage to meet. Those other races that resided there were all considered to be collectively lesser than the elves, according, of course, to the elves themselves. The humans were too easily tainted by their corrupting desires, the dwarfs were too concerned with perpetuating their warrior-image, false as it may be, and the occasional forest denizen who had grown weary of the woods was little better than a drunken beast.
Naturally, tensions had formed between the elves and the other races. Despite their efforts to all get along and understand each-other, they never quite could. So, the races mostly kept to themselves.
There was, however, one thing they all agreed on: only the truly desperate, or truly mad would dare enter the woods without good reason. Even hunters always made certain they never lost sight of town, and never strayed far from the roads. Tales of terror, of inexplicable beasts and beings, and whispered rumors of unholy happenings were known to all, so-much so, that the surrounding forest was commonly known as The Wicked Woods.
But Brightwood was safe, and Brightwood was clean...and nothing bad or unexpected ever happened there...or so the elves liked to think.
By Maniacal_Moon
A cry went out across the quiet town, followed by crashing and yelling. A tall girl was sent sprawling out of a small, decorated home. Her face remained unscathed and her clothes were now covered in the dirt of the road. She scrambled to her feet as the assailant came out of the house after her, wielding a fan. "Don't you EVER come back here, you hear me! You will never be a match for any respectable elf!" The girl was dusting herself off, practically ignoring the woman until the fan was thrown at her. She ducked, then stuck out her tongue. "I wouldn't want any stuck up elf you knew anyway!" Then she ran as the woman started to pursue her. Once she got around the corner, she was laughing to herself and holding her sides. Her snazzy green and blue outfit spoke of a wealthy family, but the length and how it clung to her spoke of ill repute. She flipped her long blond hair from her face, in which bright green eye shone with mischief.
By Phantasmagoria
She wasn't alone; for a white-haired elderly woman wrapped in a knitted shawl was tending to potted plants nearby.
"Getting into trouble again, are we, Dearie?" She teased the elf-girl, though her voice had a warmth and a kindness to it. This little old woman was considered a highly-respected member of the town, for she was a matchmaker. Only the wisest women in town held such a position. "What trouble are they causing you this time?"
By Maniacal_Moon
When she saw the woman she smiled and bowed slightly. "I was just going to see what possible matches she could give me. They were all losers. I mean, not even the lowliest elf would marry these men." She shook her head, then tilted it to the side. "Of course, I don't think I want to be matched to someone anyway."Then she grinned. "But, you already knew that."
By Phantasmagoria
"Is that so? What a funny thing to tell a old matchmaker," the woman laughed. "I'm glad you are being honest, though." She glanced up from her sunny-yellow daisies and her soft-blue eyes fell upon the girl. "Still, believe me when I tell you this: somewhere, there may be a match for you, though they might not be the person you expect them to be. A proper match is destined to be, Dearie. So I believe you when you tell me those other matches chosen for you were all terribly unsuitable."
By Maniacal_Moon
She couldn't help but smile at the elderly woman. "Well, that is something that you and I agree on." She brushed herself off, making sure there was no more dirt. "Don't expect that I will go out of my way to find him." She then gave the woman a warm smile. "I will be sure to tell you when I find my match, whoever he might be."
By Phantasmagoria
The old matchmaker nodded in understanding and continued to attend to her flowers.
"You do that, and take good care of yourself, too. I'll always be here, should you need me for any reason."
By Maniacal_Moon
She smiled and nodded. "I'll remember that." She stretched lightly, then bowed again. "Try not to stay down there too long, you'll hurt your back." She flashed her an almost teasing smile and walked away leisurely. The other matchmaker was sure to have given up the chase by now.
By Phantasmagoria
The different races moving along the streets mostly ignored each-other. At most, more respectable members of society might address one another with a quick nod of acknowledgement, but that was the extent of things. Still, children ran around and played, laughing and weaving around people's legs. Nearby, an elf and a dwarf had gotten into a hefty debate over proper etiquette, while across from them, an open-wagon-pulling centaur was busy convincing a human couple they owed him twice as much for his taxiing services as what the couple thought the cost would be. And he was doing quite good job at it, by the looks of things.
By Maniacal_Moon
As she strolled the streets, she spotted the varies daily quarrels. It never really changed around here. The same races squabbled and people ignored the little children and people lower than them. She had once hated herself for being an elf, since she saw the way her kind treated others. The centaur made her blood boil, trying to cheat people out of their money. She stormed her way over to them and looked up at the centaur, her eyes angry, but the rest of her calm. "Excuse me, what is the problem here?" She glanced at the couple trying to hint to them that she was there to help, without the centaur noticing.
By Phantasmagoria
The couple blinked, surprised at first that an elf seemed so eager to help, rather than simply watch them in condescension.
"W-well, see, my wife has a bad knee, and can't walk very far, so we were taking a carriage ride to this part of town. I could have sworn the cost would only be three bit-coins," The man responded, his voice and body trembling nervously. "That's what he first told me the cost would be. Now he's saying that amount only covers one person."
By Maniacal_Moon
She raised an eyebrow, nodding slowly. She tried to act like a typical elf, without being super rude. "Well, centaur. What do you have to say?" She looked at him, studying how he reacted. She was good at spotting a liar, not matter the race. Her hands were placed in front of her, lightly clasped. The calm stance was slowly turning angry and she struggled to control it.
By Phantasmagoria
The centaur crossed his arms and pawed irritably at the dirt. "I didn't know these two were together! This man, here, he asked me 'How much for a ride downtown?' exactly like that. I thought he meant just for himself, so I told him what the cost would be for him. Didn't see him help her aboard the carriage. Wasn't paying attention. I didn't notice I had an extra passenger until we arrived." The woman in question, the one with the bad knee, was somewhat overly-wide in girth, so how the centaur could pull her without noticing would be a mystery.
By Maniacal_Moon
She eyed the situation for a moment, then sighed, clearly annoyed. "I find it hard to believe that a centaur who pulls people for a living would not notice an extra person in his carriage." She walked to the couple and held out her hand. "You told him three bits so that is what you will be paid." She looked at the centaur, a piercing look in her eyes.
By Phantasmagoria
The man took out the proper amount of change, sighing in relief that he had enough, but the centaur just rolled his eyes and spoke through gritted teeth.

"Elves...always so morally superior to the rest of us." As the man tried to pay him, the centaur simply shoved the bits back into the man's hand. "Just keep your stupid money. Consider it compensation for your inconvenience. I'm not in the mood to get in an argument with an elf."
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