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Located along the western shorelines in the Kingdom of Farira was a place by the name of Glen Harbor. Its bustling seaside town was commonly considered to be the kingdom’s crown jewel, or to be more exact, its shimmering pearl by the sea, as it had been known for as long as any living person could remember. Here, ships from all around the known world would pull into the harbor, bringing with them every manner of splendid goods to trade; from rare, imported wines and exotic spices, to luxurious textiles and gems of every color, and the local merchants were always abundantly pleased to trade with them. And here, ships from Farira would leave the harbor, and carry with them their trade-goods to lands both distant and near. This was a town where the salty, blue waves of the ocean splashed upon the rocks and sands of the shore: a place visited by sailors, mermaids, merchants, and pirates.
Overlooking it all, was a massive palace with smooth, white, marbled pillars and walls that shined under the sun. Gahavraas Palace was the property’s proper name, but it was better known as The Sand Castle: reference to both its location on the beach, as well as the fact that its Chief-Architect during the palace’s construction was a man by the name of Leonardo Sand. In the time this story takes place, it served as home to the royal family.

And so, on the shores of the port-town of Glen Harbor, with its many merchants and artisans, and its shining palace, this story begins.
The salty sea air brushed back his shoulder length, jet black hair. His lips spread into a grin as he set his eyes upon the port. Home at last. He swung the tattered duffle bag over his shoulder and walked down the plank to the dock. The clunking sound of his boots were little compared to the din that was coming from the throng of people rushing to and fro about the port. His sharp green eyes scanned for the shop he was looking for, spotting it over the crowd. He smiled and took a breath like he was plunging into the sea, then entered the crowd and pushed his way through.

It seemed like forever until he reached the oddities shop. He knew the owner quite well and usually brought back strange things from the places he would visit. The owner was a large balding man with a beer gut. He laughed, which shook his whole frame, and embraced the young man upon seeing him. "Good to see you, my boy. How has the fair sea treated you? Well I hope." The man smiled at his friend and nodded. "Quite well. I have some things to show you."
At that very moment, the door swung open and in stepped a modestly-dressed young woman with perfectly straight black hair that fell past her hips, with perfectly-even bangs that almost grazed her long, dark eyelashes, casting shadows over honey-colored eyes. The woman said nothing to the men. She simply gave the humblest of smiles before she started to look around the shop. She paused for a moment to take a closer look at an object that seemed to interest her, but before she could ask exactly what that object was, her train of thought was interrupted by a voice so loud, if could clearly be heard even over all of the usual coastal cacophony.

"LADIES AND GENTLEMAN," cried a voice that sounded like a very loud, young boy...perhaps no older than ten years old. "COME AND SEE...TREASURES HIDDEN BY THE SEA! THAT'S RIGHT! BE THE FIRST TO WITNESS. BE THE FIRST TO OWN THESE AMAZING, INCREDIBLE ANTIQUES!"
The young man nodded to the girl that entered, his eyes lingering for just a moment. He sat his bag on the counter and began to open it. "I have a few treasures for you today, that I'm sure you'll be very pleased with." He began to pull something about the size of his fist out of the bag. It shimmered slightly in the torchlight that lit the store. It revealed itself to be a silver orb, with intricate detailing and a symbol of which none had ever seen. The man's eyes lit up on the sight of it, his hand reaching out to take it. The young man did not stop him, for he was a fair dealer and would never think of cheating him.
The girl with the long black hair couldn't help but watch them out of the corner of her eye. She wanted to ask the man where he had found that silvery orb with its strange symbols and intricate details, but she neither said nor asked anything about it.
The trader went to the scale and weighed the orb carefully, knowing it was already weighty. He grinned at the weight was revealed to be more than a few pounds. "Well, my friend, how does fifty sound?" The young man's eyes widened. "Fifty silver?" The trader laughed heartily. "No nno, fifty gold!" The young man looked as though he were going to faint. The man laughed more and place a bag of clicking coins on the counter. "There you are." He sputtered and stared at the bag slowly picking it up. "This is enough to feed us for a year.." The big man nodded. "Stick around for awhile. Those little ones need their big brother." The young man nodded with a huge smile on his face. "Thank you." He took his hand and shook it strongly.
The woman raised an eyebrow. Fifty gold was a hefty price for just-about any object. She could no-longer contain her innocent curiosity and she trotted over to them, then raised an arm and delicately pointed at the silvery orb. Her eyes flickered between the two men, as if waiting for some sort of answer from at-least one of them.
The big man was a little surprised, but didn't say much else. The young man sighed. "I apologize. He speaks without thinking sometimes." He glanced at the orb and smiled a little. "I don't really know what it is. But, its pretty and made of silver so it has to be worth something. That's all that matters to me."
The woman thought for a moment, her brows furrowing slightly in concentration. Suddenly, she gasped and a wide grin stretched across her face. She held up her index-finger, as if to ask for one moment, and reached into her purse. What she pulled out of it was a black velvet sack of coins slightly larger than the sack of coins the young man had recently received. She placed the bag on the counter, causing the coins to jingle around inside, and smiling brightly, she pointed from the silver orb to the bag of gold coins.
The big man blinked at her, then chuckled softly. "Where did a young thing like you get so much coin?" The young man nodded slightly to his question, as if he were wondering the same thing. She didn't seem too wealthy, but she wasn't as shabbily dressed as he was.
The girl opened her mouth, shut it, and brushed back her long black hair. Pinned to her blouse was a small, gilded pin that had been crafted into a very distinctive design. On the top, the bottom, the left, and the right edge of the golden pin were four small, round gems. Clockwise from the top, these gems were red, yellow, blue, and green.
It was common for many women who could afford them to wear broaches and pins, but this one in-particular was different from the rest. This pin's particular design was a symbol used by the priests and priestesses of Farira, and as such, could be used to identify them regardless of what else they were wearing. The girl hoped that would be sufficient enough to answer their question of where she got so much coin: for priests and priestesses of Farira were second-in-class only to royalty and nobles, and as such, could often afford many things that most commoners simply could not.
The young man blushed softly, clearly embarrassed. "I apologize, priestess." He bowed slightly. "I was not very observant." The big man nodded in agreement and took her payment, handing the orb to her. The young man took his coin and buried it in his bag so that not even the slickest thief could get to it. Then he bowed again to the young lady. "I am Marques. It was a pleasure to meet you."
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