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PHANTASMAGORIA x Nightmarefollow 1x1

(sorry couldn't think of anything creative to name it)

Name: Jasper Masson
Age: 30
Race: Sorcerer
Powers: Teleportation (up to 3 people) and can control fire

Name: Quinn Whessen
Age: 24
Race: Werewolf
Powers: Can turn into a wolf or into a wolf/human hybrid and regeneration while not in human form.

(hope this works, let me know if you want anything added or changed)

Re: PHANTASMAGORIA x Nightmarefollow 1x1


(Don't worry about it. We can always work on more creative names later.)

Name: Adrian Marco
Age: appears to be about 25. Actual age unknown.
Race: Vampire
Powers: telepathy and mesmerism.

Name: Nina Finch
Age: 29
Race: Witch
Powers: force-fields and telekinesis

Re: PHANTASMAGORIA x Nightmarefollow 1x1

(looks good to me)

The sun hadn't even begun to rise as Jasper entered the Agency's main building. An early phone call like this could not be a good sign. Jasper looked like he had been woken up from a deep sleep. His brown graying hair looked a little disheveled and there was a bit of stubble on his face. Usually he looked alert and aware of his surroundings, now his brown eyes were focused on the task at hand. That task at the moment was to swipe his ID card and make his way to the Director's office. He had no idea why he'd be awoken, at in his mind was an ungodly hour, but who was he to argue. As he walked he ran a hand through his hair and tried to make it less of a mess. His hand absently dusted at his shirt when he noticed he was wearing sneakers. He sighed noting that he should look more presentable, but at the moment not really caring.

Quinn drove her small white car down the streets of the city. Her blonde hair pulled back into a ponytail and blue eyes keeping an eye on traffic. Not that there was much traffic at this hour, but better to be careful then get into an accident. She had been about to get ready for bed when her phone rang and she was told to come in. It didn't take her long to get ready and begin her drive in to see what was up. Whatever it was had to be important. She parked her car in the lot and started towards the main entrance.

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Nina Finch slammed on the breaks of her own unassuming white car just barely in time to park in the space next to Quinn's. Her breaks screeched and her whole body jolted forward for a second. If she had been called in at this hour, this had to be some sort of emergency. So in her mind, there was no time to waste. She opened the door, stepped out, slammed it shut, and hurried to catch-up with Quinn.

"Glad to see I'm not the only one they called in," Nina commented, her dark eyes darting a glance towards Quinn, though her expression remained unchanged as she fixed her thick-rimmed spectacles. "Still..." She sighed and let her voice trail off. She didn't need to say anything more. Whatever was going on, it was bad. It had to be.

Unlike the others who had been summoned to the Director's office, Adrian Marco was already in the building, and in fact, had been for hours now.

Being the vampire that he was, it only made sense for him to work the night-shift. He was still at his desk when he got the call, or more accurately, got the feeling that the Directory wanted to summon him. He ran his fingers though his now-disheveled blond hair and sighed. More work. And to think: he had just been about ready to head home for the day and get some rest.

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Quinn looked over at hearing the car door slam, a slight smile coming to her face as she saw who it was. "Something serious must be up to call people in at this hour," Quinn responded. She held the door opened for Nina, following in right behind her. She pulled out her ID badge and made her way to the elevator. "What do you think is going on?" she asked as the ding of the elevator signaled its arrival.

Jasper road in the elevator barely registering the music that was playing. Inwardly he wondered what was going on and kind of dreading what it was. He exited the elevator and spotted Adrian. "Hey, you heading to this meeting as well?" Jasper called out as he approached the vampire.

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"Don't know," Nina sighed as she pressed the elevator button that would take them to the highest level of the building.

Adrian stopped where he was at the sound of Jasper's voice and nodded. "Yeah" he answer before continuing on his way with his thumbs hooked in the pockets of his dress slacks. He stopped suddenly and glanced back. "Hey, think you can save us some time and do a little of that teleportation stuff you do?"

Re: PHANTASMAGORIA x Nightmarefollow 1x1

Quinn frowned and leaned against the wall of the elevator as it ascended. "This should be interesting," she said. "Think anyone else will be there?" she asked looking over to Nina. It hadn't occurred to her until now that maybe others would be there.

Jasper caught up to Adrian and nodded. "Yea, I think I'm awake enough to not have us end up in a wall, or worse," he said with a smirk. He placed his hand on Adrian, closed his eyes, and focused on the Director's office for a moment. Slowly his eyes opened, looking like they had rolled back in his head, "now," he said, and with a jolt the pair was standing in the Director's office. Jasper closed his eyes again and when he opened them they had returned back to normal.

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"Thanks a bunch!" Adrian exclaimed as he gave Jasper several hearty pats on the back, but he stopped he heard the familiar ding of the elevator reaching its destination.

Nina was just about to answer Quinn's question with a "maybe" when the doors slid open. She switched her answer to "Jasper and Adrian, it seems," and stepped out to join them, trusting that Quinn would do the same.

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Quinn exited the elevator and half waved to Adrian and Jasper. "Looks like this may be it," she said, "lets not waste time," she added. Curiosity was starting to get to her and she wanted to know what was going on.

"No problem," Jasper said with a sigh. It was good that he had been to the Director's office a few times before, it made teleporting easier. "Nina, Quinn," he said with a nod to the two as they arrived.

(Do you want to play the director or do you want me to?)

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(I can. I don't mind.)

"Masson. Marco. Whessen. Finch. Stop your chatting and come here now!" The voice of an impatient-sounding middle-aged man blared on the overhead speakers. "We don't have much time to waste!"

Adrian gulped and wavered slightly where he stood, though Nina remained as stiff-lipped as ever.

"We're all here, sir," She stated as she used her telekinetic powers to open the polished oak doors of the Director's office.

A gray-haired man sat behind a large desk, frowning at a computer screen and scratching his short, gray beard.
"Good. We have an emergency." The man stated, getting right to the point. "Three killings all just this week! Normie victims, crime scenes' anything but. We need to investigate things further, so I'm sending you all out on the field as a team, got it?"

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Quinn fliched slightly at the sound of her name and hurried into the Director's office after Nina. She listened with interest, a frown playing on her face as the Director spoke. She remembered vaguely reading about two murders in the papers, but hadn't thought much of them until the Director spoke. "When did the last murder happen?" she asked?

Jasper rolled his eyes as he heard the Director bellow at them. He followed the group into the office and leaned against the wall listening. "Any sign of what caused it?" he asked with a yawn. Of all the things he expected to hear that wasn't it. "Where did this happen?" he added after a moments thought.

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"I just received this right before I called you," The director answered as the grabbed hold of his monitor and turned it so he screen now faced them.

On display, and taking up most of the screen, was a photo of a crime scene. The body of a twenty-something man lay sprawled-out on the floor of an abandoned building. His head and limbs were all turned at unnatural angles, making him resemble a over-sized rag doll that had been carelessly dropped. But that was not the strangest thing about him. Anyone could have assumed that he had simply fallen to his death and that was that. And yet...he was nowhere near any sort of stairs, and there was nothing around him that he could have fallen off from.

What's more, there were chunks of flesh missing from his body, and where those pieces of flesh should have been, there were bite-marks.

"Picture came from a local normie. Happened at the old canning factory across from the train depot. Luckily, our agents were able to confiscate the picture before word got out about this. I want you four to go to the scene of the crime, collect evidence and clean things up. Got it?"

The director already felt like they were wasting time. There were strict rules in their society regarding the interactions between supernatural and normal people, and this latest crime broke several of those rules all at once.

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Quinn moved closer to the picture and stared at it. "They don't look like wolf bites," she said with a frown "though it's hard to tell from this angle." She had been listening to the Director as he spoke. "We can go there right away," she said without a thought.

Jasper sighed and listened as the Director spoke. This was going to be a long rest of the day and probably an even longer week. "I can get us to the factory if everyone is ready to go," he said reluctantly. "Though if anyone has some coffee that would be great," he added with a slight grin. Coffee or any source of caffeine would be great right about now.

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"You can stop by the break room on the way out," The Director spoke as, turning his monitory back around and slouched in his chair, rubbing his temples. "Coffee and snacks are on the house today. Now go."

"Great, cause I'm famished!" Adrian exclaimed. The last thing he wanted to be was hungry around spilled blood...especially if it was still relatively fresh from that day.

"Just go..." the director sighed. Honestly, he wondered if he had chosen the right employees to call in. Did any of them really understand just how serious this latest crime was?

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"Thanks," Jasper said before heading out. He didn't even wait for the others as he made his way to the elevator. He pushed the button and leaned against the wall.

Quinn nodded and looked over just as Jasper walked out the door. She glanced to Adrian and Nina, "I guess we should catch up," she said. "Thanks director," she added looking over to the Director. With that Quinn headed out the door to wait at the elevator. 'Things are going to be interesting,' she thought as she waited.
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