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pyrakitt x nightmarefollow WoD 1x1

(so I figured this can take place sometime during the time travel arc that's going on sense there is random down time to talk)

William approached Kasumi with a thoughtful look on his face. "If you are not busy at the moment, would you be willing to speak with me?" he asked. There was a trace of fatigue in his voice and he looked tired.
"Here is as good of a place as any," William replied, "It does not really matter if we are over heard by the others. Depending on how Albrecht takes things we could be involved with it." A small sigh escaped from William at the mention of Albrecht.

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"I hate sounding like a parrot, so I'm not going to repeat what you're saying." The young Mokole grumbles as she takes a comfortable seat on the floor in cross-legged position. "What exactly do you want to discuss? And how does Albrecht fit into it?"
"Well he would have to approve it most likely," William began, "And I would like to pick your brain for information about the Beast Courts. One way to prevent the Weaver from taking over I feel is to work with them or at least be on better terms with them then we are now."

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"Undoubtedly." She drums her fingers against her knees for a moment. "I can agree to a sharing of public knowledge. Last thing I want is a team up falling through because you Sunset people didn't know enough to take off your shoes when you come in the house."
"Anything that will allow us to make a good first impression would be greatly appreciated. I of course do not want you nor would I ask you to reveal anything that is well guarded." William finds a seat and crosses one leg over the other. "I am all ears for any etiquette tips you can share and anything else that is public knowledge."

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"That could fill a college course all on it's own. How about we start with you asking a few questions?" Kasumi remains attentive as she starts breathing exercises. "Is there something, anything specific that's confused or intrigued you?
"I believe that," William says with a slight smile. He pauses for a moment and thinks. "How well do the Fera and Garou get along with in the Beast Courts. I would imagine that it has been fairly good, especially in comparison to how relations were here."

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"There is strife, but it is more of a toned down version of what exists between your Tribes then what lies between the Fera and Garou in the West." She remains ramrod straight, taking deep breaths while in lotus position. "The Hakken have been compared to your Shadowlords before, but the difference vastly outweigh the similarities. The Hakken are honorable, samurai of old."
"Interesting," William says, "and I suppose makes sense considering everyone has there own agendas and tasks to complete. How are Garou from the west viewed within the Beast Courts?"

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"Mostly as barbarians. You haven't made a good impression with the attempts at genocide and refusal to play well with others." The sentence was flatly stated. "You're going to be at a disadvantage at any Court gathering...if you can even get an audience."
William nods, "we do have a reputation." He sighs and runs a hand through his hair. "How would one be able to gain an audience?" A frown plays on his face as he asks the question.

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"Well Bron and I are your best bet. Bron is Mokole, a Crowning and has the SCA backing him. He also made a good impression when we first met." She frowned in thought, running a hand through her currently blue hair. "Don't count on making connections through the Hakken. They are few in number and while they're influence is considerable they also have no love for their western counterparts. I can put you in touch with one if you wish, the alpha of my sentai is one."
"Having you and Bron helping would be essential I think, at least to meet people and make sure that we do not do anything offensive or to leave a bad impression." A thoughtful look crosses his face. "That may also not be a bad idea to give a shot at, if the alpha of your sentai would agree of course."

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