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@`Nyuu YEAH! this theme is very dark and unrolilike, it's so different I think that's another reason I'm so hesitant to Roli 3.0 o: thanks for that epiphany lol
annnddd would you like to peek at this one avatar I was working on before the crash? :eyes:
I definitely need a light pastel color when I'm on roli, otherwise I just feel drained and like I'm not supposed to be there or something, idk it's just not the right vibe
ok lemme see if I can figure out how to do this :thinking:

Re: ♥ `Nyuu's Avatar Advice Hangout || OPEN!


Sameee i need a very bright theme for me to be happy~
If it's too dark i get very depressed, this is too dark but i'm managing at the moment lol

Sure! does it not work like you're used to do it?
yes exactly! I hope they get some lighter options soon o3o;

that's not it, it's just that the avatar doesn't show up in the avatar maker cause it's mostly items from the newer items, so I can only see it when I make it my primary avatar o:
here it is

Re: ♥ `Nyuu's Avatar Advice Hangout || OPEN!


I hope so too! I know themes is on the to-do list so let's hope!

oohh that makes sense!
Aah it's so nice! it's so floral and peaceful i love it <33
ahhh that's good news :smile:

yay glad you love it ; u; any suggestions?
I can't decide if she should have shoes or not, but I also don't have any shoes for that base..
should I use the thin legs or the legs with the raised heel?

Re: ♥ `Nyuu's Avatar Advice Hangout || OPEN!


Well with these legs it looks like she's flying/floating, i think that looks very nice but you could always try different legs, i guess! Apart from that i don't know what else to change, it looks pretty much perfect :heart_eyes:
lol yay it's perfect~ <3 oh, I am thinking about adding more nature in the back so it's less sky and pool and more forest in between the sky and pool o: I'm just worried about overcrowding it o:
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Neato! Cute set :)

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