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Re: Kazi's Health Club * Gym * Spa


Yesss! it gives me so much energy!

I should probably try that! I also bought these flavoured powders to add to water to give it a taste, very healthy according to my gym instructor. :smile: I've got Elderflower, Apple and Passionfruit at the moment.~

Re: Kazi's Health Club * Gym * Spa


The packets are by Bolero, if you type "Bolero Elderflower" on Google Images you'll see it. :smile:

Ahh Roli is so inactive so little people posting, makes me sad, i just want to post all day. :c

Re: Kazi's Health Club * Gym * Spa

I hope everyone is well! I've been busy with work. However, I am starting a regular yoga regimen as I gained back ten pounds and am exceedingly displeased with myself over this. I was doing so well! :disappointed: :disappointed_relieved:

Re: Kazi's Health Club * Gym * Spa

Ugh. I have this dumb lingering cough from being sick that's making it hard to do anything fitness-y.
Yoga: coughing severely limits the number of poses I can actually do with any amount of success.
Cardio: breathing faster just makes me cough more.
Lifting weights: Haha, yeah...that's not going to happen while I'm coughing. Cough at the wrong time and suddenly I'm dropping a barbell on my chest or toppling over because I lost my balance with a barbell on my shoulders.

So it looks like I'm benched for a little while yet. Very light yoga in the meantime.


@`Nyuu I found the Bolero flavors, but shipping is super expensive to the states. I want to try them, but I think I'll wait until I'm in Belgium to order them :)
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