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By `Nyuu

Yesss! it gives me so much energy!

I should probably try that! I also bought these flavoured powders to add to water to give it a taste, very healthy according to my gym instructor. :smile: I've got Elderflower, Apple and Passionfruit at the moment.~
By Kazinata
Thanks :)
I'm recovering from this week's night shift, so I'm feeling a little off right now. Sleep deprivation and weird schedules don't work well for me.
But, starting tomorrow, my primary focus is packing and getting ready to leave the army. So much stress is about to disappear!
By `Nyuu

The packets are by Bolero, if you type "Bolero Elderflower" on Google Images you'll see it. :smile:

Ahh Roli is so inactive so little people posting, makes me sad, i just want to post all day. :c
By batmeg
I hope everyone is well! I've been busy with work. However, I am starting a regular yoga regimen as I gained back ten pounds and am exceedingly displeased with myself over this. I was doing so well! :disappointed: :disappointed_relieved:
By Kazinata
Ugh. I have this dumb lingering cough from being sick that's making it hard to do anything fitness-y.
Yoga: coughing severely limits the number of poses I can actually do with any amount of success.
Cardio: breathing faster just makes me cough more.
Lifting weights: Haha, yeah...that's not going to happen while I'm coughing. Cough at the wrong time and suddenly I'm dropping a barbell on my chest or toppling over because I lost my balance with a barbell on my shoulders.

So it looks like I'm benched for a little while yet. Very light yoga in the meantime.


@`Nyuu I found the Bolero flavors, but shipping is super expensive to the states. I want to try them, but I think I'll wait until I'm in Belgium to order them :)
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