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Ooh unfortunately that's not my kind of pizza! :open_mouth:
I like a pizza with bell peppers (paprika), onion and mushrooms!
Yeah, not a lot of people seem to like pineapple on pizza x3
Mushrooms sounds yummy though, my stepdad sometimes puts mushrooms on the pizza, and it adds an interesting flavour

Aah yes mushrooms are great on Pizzas!
In my opinion a pizza should not be sweet so pineapple is a no-no for me. :sweat_smile:
Tired, I pulled an all-nighter with my friend xD
Also, I went to the doctor today, and she suspects I've broken something in my foot, so I need to go get xrays.
What are you up to today?
I have no idea what happened to my foot, one day it just started hurting out of nowhere. She said those things happen sometimes, though.

Sorry I keep popping on- and offline, I'm at a friend's place and I don't want to be rude by being on the computer too much.
Thanks ^^
So what are you up to today?

I'm racking my brain trying to think of things to sell to finance a trip to Norway, but I don't seem to have anything of value :sweat:
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