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By ivydoodle
and by that I don’t mean break another one of my cute bags.

Life is like, “You know what? Sarah’s off medication in a week so lets bring her hell and see if she breaks down.”

I REFUSE :anger:

Discovered my credit card was missing this morning (cause this gal needs to eat) Had work 9-5 so didn’t have time to block it until just now.
Woke up with a toothache (she says while eating jam tarts) thats gradually getting worst throughout the day, and with no card present how the hell can I afford an appointment. Toothache till payday. Joys.
Hit my head on a counter.
Dropped a wad of A4 paper on my foot.
Literally ran into a customer.
Had a rail of mens shirts just jump out at me for no reason. (I SWEAR I DIDN’T EVEN TOUCH IT!)

And last but not least
It was a cute little bag with wings that you could change the colour of. UGH. it was so adorable.

So i’ve just given up today. By the time the bag broke I was literally laughing at my misfortune. Laughing. Not crying. If this had all happened to me last year I'd be clutching the counter having a breakdown

Improvement guys ;D improvement.

So yeah. That was my crappy day. Had a nice sit down watching the sunset along the canal after work. Needed it, it was so calming.
By PhoenixRose
Oh good lord, that sounds like chaos.

I hurt my hip last week, managed to cut my toe with a different toenail (holy shit how????), and I think I'm fighting off a slight case of bronchitis? Which isn't fun. And it's been bitter cold, snow's taller than I am, people still haven't cleaned their sidewalks on a main street (I thought that was illegal?) and good gods I just can't sleeeeeep.

but high-five for keeping it together!
By insaneluzer
I feel you, I could use a break myself (or maybe more like a two month-long vacation, lol). Life's been weighing pretty hard on me too. Mostly financial issues (before I got my most recent paycheck, I had only 99 cents in my bank account lulz) but also lately people who I considered my friends have been either giving me the cold shoulder or treating me like I'm a total annoyance. :grimacing: It's like they sense my tension and uneasiness and just thought "You know what she could use? Some more stuff to stress about!" Ugh. I just want to dig a hole and bury myself in it for the next 40 years. -_-

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