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Eusme was close to passing out now, not even realizing how she looked or how it might be perfect never by Kiln. She was covered in blood after all and her feet bandaged pretty heavily. The bandages were lightly stained now, but it didn't look like her cuts were too bad. When they arrived, they would be greeted by some very unhappy looking guardsman and a hulking figure who seemed to be rushing out of the home.
Elias saw right past the guardsman to the hulking figure. Every speck of color drained instantly from Elias' face. The carriage stopped abruptly, and with a jolt. Elias lurched forward from the force and jumped down.

"I...I can explain!" he cried in self-defense, his heart pounding.
Kiln was actually trembling and his face was beet red. "Explain quickly." He growled as he neared the carriage. Suddenly a moan of pain came from the carriage and Kiln's head snapped in that direction. He didn't miss a beat, going straight for the carraige. "Hold him." He growled at the guards and they surrounded Elias, looking quite menacing. Kiln's large shape lumbered into the carraige and when he saw Eusme he shouted angrily. "Bring him into the manor!"
Elias' eyes darted nervously around at the guards and at Kiln. Elias was a big and strong man, but he knew little about fighting and he was unarmed. He was trapped. He hoped that Kiln would quickly come to understand that Eusme needed help more than he needed questioning.
Kiln was in a state of concerned rage. He scooped up Eusme, who whimpered pathetically and clung to him like a child. He moved to carry her inside quickly. "Bring him." He growled as he headed inside as quick as his large shape could go.
Elias could do little more than just walk wherever they made him walk, but he kept his eyes on Eusme. He hoped that he and Eusme had made the right choice by coming here, but with the kind of greeting he had received, he was beginning to have doubts.
Kiln brought Eusme to her old bedroom and placed her gently on the bed. He frowned at her clothing, then motioned for Elias to close his eyes and the guard respectfully looked away. "Speak. What happened to her?" His voice was menacing, promising that if he heard any hint that he had hurt her that he'd rip him in two. Quickly and surprisingly gentle, he began taking off her outer dress. He had to make sure all that blood wasn't hers.
Elias respectfully looked away. "H-her friend...D-Damien..." Elias began to stutter, too nervous to speak anywhere near as well as he had hoped. "H-he had too much to drink. He was not in his right mind, but...s-she tried to help him. T-there was glass everywhere, and Eusme stepped on some of it."
Kiln seemed to process what he said quickly and he accepted the bandages on her feet. "Explain all the blood." He held up her dress now, large sections were soaked with blood that was more than likely not her blood. "Who else has been injured? And why is she in so much pain?"
Kiln was interested in what Damien did to himself, but he had some idea as to what it could be. He looked at Eusme, deep concern in his eyes. "My dear.." He went about looking for any physical sign of her pain, only seeing her wounds on her feet. "I am not entirely sure what has her in pain...Bring me my bag." He ordered a guard, who turned and walked away quickly. Kiln turned his heavy gaze on Elias now and frowned. "Every detail."
Elias gulped, but soon steadied his nerves.

"Damien...stumbled into the kitchen while I was preparing breakfast, and we talked. I could tell that he had had a few drinks already, but...I kept getting this feeling. Something told me that even in that state, I would not have stood a chance against him. This is all my fault. I...I should have tried." Elias sighed, feeling deeply ashamed of himself.

"I mostly forgot about that matter u-until Eusme came along and...w-we heard a crash. Damien...Damien was in the cellar. I...I'm afraid I don't know all of the details, but I do know that he is responsible for all of the blood, and all of the broken shards of glass. The glass all comes from broken wine bottles."
Kiln looked annoyed, but he nodded slightly. He glanced at Eusme again and looked a bit more relaxed. "Her feet won't be in much danger of infection than." He then gave Elias a pointed look. "What happened with Damien? How is it that she is hurt and you are not?"
"I wasn't there at first," Elias answered honestly. "I had assumed that a shelf had simply fallen over, and that was that. But...then I saw Eusme...and all the blood on her. Eusme told me to help Damien first, and I do not disobey her. So I obeyed, but w-when I got to the cellar, what I saw was...was Damien pinning Miss Estelle to the ground, a-and tearing at her clothes. He did not care about me being there at all. T-that's the last image I have of him. I went back to Eusme, and I think the baby might be causing her trouble, so I brought her here, hoping you might know what to do."
Kiln looked as if he'd snapped. "You left a woman with someone like that!? What kind of coward are you?" He would have left the room and killed Damien had it not been for the part about Eusme's child. "She.." all the anger drained from his face and it was quickly replaced by genuine fear. The guard returned with his bag and he dug through it quickly, getting a vial and moving to hold Eusme so she could drink a little of it. "I cannot tell what is happening to the child..But this will ease your pain, my dear...Which will make it easier on it and you.."
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