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"I...I want to know where this river leads. Does it ever branch-off? Do you know all of its paths?" Odelia asked in rapid succession. "I...I don't want to leave the water, unless I have to, but...I...I don't want to feel trapped anymore either. That's why I came here, in spite of everything I have heard about places like this could be free."
Talniz chuckled softly. "Slow down, slow down." He said gently, though rather amused. "First, i will teach you the winding rigers and streams as well as the currents and the best places to fish." He then looked a little more serious. "As for feeling free, physically you can go where ever you wish. But if your heart is not free you will always feel like a prisoner."
"Talniz speaks true," the voice of Avadahra solemnly agreed, making it perfectly obvious that he had been listening to them. "You are free to go anywhere, and so too is Talniz. Most are."

Odelia frowned and glanced around her, "Then...why are so many spirits trapped here?"

"Because I trapped them," Ava answered in an eerily matter-of-fact manner. "But no-more are those days.
"I do not break my contracts," Ava steadily responded. "And I am, and I am not as I was. Many a thing has changed. I trap them not. They keep themselves."

Odelia bowed her head. "I understand. Those spirits. Th-hey were people who...who died in those places, and...b-because of the nature of their deaths, they cannot move on." She could hardly believe that she was speaking directly to Ava, though her whole body was trembling.

Ava soon confirmed her suspicions with a simple "Yes."
Talniz watched Odelia as she spoke and sighed deeply. She was right. Those spirits weren't going anywhere.. but as long as no new spirits were added Talniz would be content. He started to wonder what happened to make the spirit change its mind about his actions.
Odelia began to wonder that too, but her understanding of things would not be the same as Talniz'.
But just as she found the courage to ask Avadahra another question, she felt something bump against her arm, and turned around to see a group of enormous, flowering water-lilies that had not been there before.
Perhaps just as strange...was Odelia's reaction. Instead of hiding behind Talniz once again, she gently took hold of his arm and gently pushed it out of her way. She stared straight ahead, her big, blue eyes transfixed on the water lilies and her hand reaching-out towards them. The very instant her fingers touched one, it turned shimmering and gold: glowing with a light from within.
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