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By Kisrah
Okay, obviously it's displaying the latest happenings, but why bother? Did the news alerts break? Last I saw, those were still working. At least I got them just fine the last time there was a new announcement.

I've tried adblocking it, but every day it creeps back. Reloading the page makes it go away again. Temporarily. It always comes back.

Can we please get an option to disable it? Or at least dismiss it until it's updated. That'd make it a little less annoying.
By freyate
Announcement alerts are actually not working. They will only work if you subscribed to the forum or to a specific topic, but we're still working on making them show if you haven't subscribed to the entire announcement forum and there is a new announcement.

It is supposed to stay there because we've gotten a lot of complaints of users missing out on announcements due to the alerts being broken. It's only a temporary fix until the announcement alerts are fixed.

I tried adding a close option, but it doesn't work. It will just come back once your reload the page. And honestly I don't want to waste time on coding to disable it because that means less time for me to work on another part of the site (like the announcement alerts xp )
By Kisrah
@freyate So it will go away eventually? If it's not planned to be a permanent feature, I can put up with it for now. Totally understand not wanting to waste time on extra coding for it if it's not sticking around! Thanks for the info. :)
By `Nyuu
` ⇢ .мєσω. ˁ•ᴥ•ˀ

Once announcement notifications work properly again there will be no use for the banner and it will be removed.
I'm sorry to hear you dislike it, it's currently our only way to shine a light on our newest announcements. :sweat_smile:

By Kisrah
No worries! Still can't stand the thing, but I can understand it's needed at the moment.

At least adblock is hiding it MOST of the time. So that's something while I wait for it to go for good! :)
By Kisrah
@Shiyura It's not that I have to manually adblock it every time. What's happening is that if I reopen Firefox, the adblocker doesn't catch it. I have a similar problem on Twitter. I need to reload the page for the filters to kick in when I come back online each day. Only seems to happen on these two sites, and sometimes Facebook.

I do have Greasemonkey. Do you know a script that might make this more permanent?
By freyate
Be careful with blocking that box though. You may miss new updates.
By freyate
If it is the color that bothers you, I could make it a different color. Although the other colors are meant for different kind of alerts. (Like red is for warnings and not information. Blue is for information :smiley: )
By Kisrah
@freyate I check for myself anyway, so I'm not likely to miss anything. If I do, that's my problem.

I do find the blue sticks out too much (and for that matter I had to adblock the red "to top" arrow for the same reason. And that keeps coming back too), but it's not just that. I dislike how it's pushing down the main content of the page, and I doubt you could do very much about that without making it unreadable.
By Chu*
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