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Re: `Nyuu's 1Oth Roliversary hangout!

I guess I will always miss him. I used to talk to him so much. We were really close because we understood each other. I'm especially saddened for the fact that he never could see any future grand children (not planning on having kids just yet, but y'know in the future...) and that my children will never know my dad. I know how I always felt not having any grandparents.
(Not counting the only grandmother I had who refused to visit me when I was a kid and ignored me for 20 years. All because of religion reasons. She...does...not....count as a grandparent.)
I always wondered how my dad's dad would've been. He died when I was 3 months old. I always wished they could've done a swap: My dad's mom's life for my dad's dad's life. So then I would've had 20 years with my grandfather. He seemed like such an interesting man. I don't know about my mom's parents. They seemed kind too ofcourse, but still a bit different than my dad's dad. He seemed like such an active man, a guy who was intelligent and interesting.

Ironically, I have this picture of my dad (at a young age)and his dad and a picture of me (at a young age) with my dad,
and the two images look almost identical! Like eerily alike. It didn't help that my mom loved cutting my hair short, so I always looked like a boy haha. It's ridiculous how alike they are.

What's also creepy: in my town there is this elderly man that looks so freaking much like my dad. When I saw him for the first time in the shops after my dad died, I almost jumped out of my skin. I wonder if he's related. But he's very grumpy so I haven't dared to ask him if he may be related to my dad and me.

Re: `Nyuu's 1Oth Roliversary hangout!

Imagine if my dad was part of twins and the other boy was given away to be adopted and it's that guy... OR he's like a faraway uncle or something...That would be so freaky....

Re: `Nyuu's 1Oth Roliversary hangout!

Ah I can't remember Korean idol names pfft. There's too many of them and they all look the same to me...;-;

Ah I was watching Love 020, it's a Mandarin series. I like listening to the Mandarin even though I don't understand it. I understand Cantonese though so I try to figure out what the Mandarin says.

Re: `Nyuu's 1Oth Roliversary hangout!

xD That's totally reasonable. Since I really only follow Big Bang I can deal with it, but some of the groups are just so big. @.@

Is it good? I saw it while I was browsing the other day and it has a really good rating. I'll sometimes try to watch things in Mandarin without subtitles since I sent so many years learning it, but then I realize that I'm just not that good and turn them back on.

Re: `Nyuu's 1Oth Roliversary hangout!

aqua;; they are indeed! i have no hope of ever remembering everyone's names!
and it's awesome! i love it in any case lol. you should totally check it out! i can't understand mandarin so i have no choice but to find subs lol.

nyuu;; oh why thank you! c;

Re: `Nyuu's 1Oth Roliversary hangout!

hey guys~!
how are yall? i'm scared i wont be able to keep up with conversations on this thread cuz yall are hella fast at posting LOL

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