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Never better than late, that's when the cool kids show up to the party. TV told me that, so it must be true. (v.v)

Talking achievement unlocked. Now what?
Thanks! This weekend I'm gonna catch up on studying that I didn't do today 'cause I watched TV and made 2 new avatars instead. #Responsibilities.

What about you? Gonna do anything fun?
@Fufluns Nope, I'm gonna draw things and play videogames all weekend loooong :grinning:

I'm doing good! I'm trying to draw up my next tattoo, but I can't seem to be completely happy with what I'm making.
I got my first tattoo to commemorate the one-year anniversary of me finally turning my life around, and I wanna get one for the one-year anniversary of the first tattoo, lol :sweat_smile:

How are you?
In what way is that not fun. :cry: I wanna draw and play video games all weekend too. I mean, I'll probably play a little bit.
@Fufluns You're right, I guess that is pretty fun :sweat_smile:

I have one on my left forearm, so I want one on my right forearm.
I'm having trouble with it because there's so many things I want to mash into it, things that have personal meanig to me but might seem silly to others.

This is what I've got so far:

Also, bonus pic, this is my current tatt:
It's a bit crude, I suppose, but it has a lot of emotional value for me.
Thanks! And yes, you're right about that ^_^
I think I'm gonna fine-tune it a bit and then contact some tattoo-artists in town and hear how much it'll cost to have made. Yikes, I better start getting better at handling my money, then, if I want to be able to save up!
Hahaha xD

I wrote an email tattoo studio in my town about the sketch I showed, asking them about the price and stuff.
I told them not to worry about answering quickly, because I got loads of time, but it's been 30 seconds and I'm already eagerly awaiting an answer xD

I hope it's something they'll help me with, and I hope it's affordable *crosses fingers*
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Neato! Cute set :)

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