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Sorry for lack of pictures, Elias got a really bad case of jaundice and he's needing some extra care. He's in his own personal sun tan booth for at least a few days. Good news though is that even after only about 6 hours he's already improving. So fingers crossed!
Oh geez that's no fun at all!

Don't worry about pictures first, definitely focus on his health! I'm sorry that stressful thing happened so soon. :(

I'm happy he's already doing better! I hope he's fully healed by now! I'm sending good vibes
The nurse came today to check his numbers. She called back and said she had never seen a number drop so fast! We are just waiting for the doctor to officially call and say we can take him out of the machine! We got some pretty funny pictures, it looks like he's in a little tanning bed. XD
He's a week old toady and I can't believe it. It's been one heck of a week. I ended up in the er last night with blood pressure issues so that was exciting. XD All is well now but the universe can calm the hell down any time it wants! lol
Yeah it's hard to be upset when he's just so dang cute. ;) My husband is going out to a pokemon go event tonight so it's just going to be me and my mom with the baby. She's so chatty though and I have a headache so I think I'm going to turn to tv on and see if that helps a bit. lol. Just trying to keep myself eating and drinking so I can avoid any more er visits!

Right now the little stinker is on a binge eating phase so it's been quite the day! He's been demanding food pretty much every hour. XD
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