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Nina took a second look through the microscope, just to double-check.

"I'm sure," she confirmed. Her own head snapped towards the computer at the sound of the beeps.

She stood and moved over to Quinn's side to take a look what the computer found for them.
Quinn nodded at Nina's conformation. "We've got a Lloyd Artson, who lives three blocks away, an Anne Smith who lives about a mile away, and a Sean Ashburn, who lives about a mile away as well. All three have criminal backgrounds, Lloyd and Sean are nonviolent thefts, Anne is assault," Quinn said reading off the details from the screen.
"That would make Anne Smith a prime suspect in the murder," Nina muttered. "Or in the very least, a probable accomplice. Anne Smith...and Lloyd Artson and Sean Ashburn..."
"We'll tell the boys about them when we all meet-up. Can you also search for demons or ghouls in the area with recent criminal histories?"
"Yea, we'll have to pay her a visit, though I'll make notes of the other two just in case," Quinn said. She saved the three files and printed out Anne's address. "That shouldn't be to hard to do," Quinn said glancing to Nina. She quickly started typing again. "I'll start with ghouls," she said as she typed.
Nina nodded and gave Quinn some more space. She returned to examining various samples taken from the scene of the crime. Most of it turned out to be mundane: strands of hair, pieces of lint, and few old coins that held little value at all.
Quinn stared at the screen as it processed the information she had entered. It was almost hypnotizing in how it ran through names. She actually felt her eye droop a little. Had it not been for the beeping of the computer she may have fallen asleep. "Looks like two ghouls who live about two miles away. A Hank and Marie Shult, nothing on criminal records" Quinn called out, looking over to Nina. She quickly took down there information and started typing in the new search request.
Nina sighed. "Well, we should have someone pay them a visit anyway,' she muttered.

Even if Hank and Marie had not actively participated in the murder, they might still be connected somehow. That bone marrow had to come from some ghoul, and if it wasn't from either of them, perhaps they knew the visiting ghoul that it did come from.
"Yea, better to be safe then sorry," Quinn said as she stared at the screen. It didn't take long for the far to familiar beeping sound caught Quinn's attention. "No demons in a three mile radius. I'm go to expand the search to five see if that gets us anything," Quinn said with a frown. "Unless you think I should go bigger?" she asked pausing before she hit the enter button.
"Bigger," Nina answered instantly. "At least 30. Demons move fast."

She glanced at her watch. It was getting late. She hadn't realized how fast time was passing by.
"It's getting late," she muttered. "Adrian should be here soon."
"Sounds good," Quinn said as she extended the size of the search, "this could take a while." She sighed and leaned back in the chair. As Quinn waited for the results Nina's phone rang.
"Nina? Good, the expert's here in my office," the doctor said, "He's looking at the body now, you and your partner can come down whenever to talk to him," she added.

Quinn looked over at hearing the phone ring and waited to see what Nina said.
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