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Re: pyrakitt x nightmarefollow WoD 1x1

"I'll contact him and see. At least it would be one more opinion and set of eyes on the matter. He'll probably bring up things that I wouldn't even think to tell you about." She starts tapping her fingers against her knees again. "I don't want to paint us all as uptight and xenophobic, but I don't want to underplay the reactions you'll probably get either."
"No, I understand," William replies, "It is always difficult to try to explain to someone the difficulties that will happen without making an individual or group sound terrible. And thank you, having another set of eyes and opinions is good." William thinks for a moment before continuing, "Would any Court be better to start at for introductions or would we pretty much get the same reaction from all of them?"

Re: pyrakitt x nightmarefollow WoD 1x1

She nods, "No problem." Giving it a moment of thought she continued, "I can't think of any back home that would be more welcoming then others. I'll probably offer my home Court as the testing grounds. My sentai and I at least know the sentiments and leanings there."
William nods in agreement. "That would probably be better than one you are unfamiliar with. What is the Court you are from like? And I am assuming that the Courts are like caerns, is that correct?"

Re: pyrakitt x nightmarefollow WoD 1x1

In a sense. They are both places of power where shifters meet. They both have hierarchies and packs that operate out of them. The differences between the two all stem from one large factor. Courts are multi-fera. A Sentai has similarity to a Pack but will likely never have more than one Fera type in it's make up.
*She smirks* And the Zhong Lung are most often at the top of the hierarchy.
William nods with an interested look on his face. "Are the Stargazers a part of the Beast Courts? And who is considered in charge of the Court? Is it an elder?"

Re: pyrakitt x nightmarefollow WoD 1x1

"That is a difficult question to answer. The Stargazers have the right foot in the East and the left foot in the West. I have heard of them making appearances in Court, but don't know any personally. They also aren't the only ones that have come East. The Boli Zousizhe are in China, I believe they are also called Glass Walkers. "
(This information may change as I have the feeling I'm missing something....)
She hums for a moment thinking. Rocking up onto her toes she crouches in a frog like position for a brief moment before planting her hands on the floor and with elbows to knees tilts till she is holding her body up with only her hands. There is a slight strain to her voice as she speaks from the effort of holding this position. "To answer the question of who is in charge I have to explain how things are set up. Rank in the Emerald Courts is different from in the Sunset lands and yet it is the same. You have five ranks and five auspices that remain the same no matter the Tribe. We also have five ranks and five auspices and these remain the same no matter your Breed. The differences are few but profound. The first being we pick our Auspice and stick to it throughout our lives. It doesn't matter if you are Hakken or Tengu you choose your Auspice and work with a sentai in the Court. The five ranks are Wood, Iron, Steel, Gold and Silver and are represented with a color. I am Heiwajimi Kasumi, Steel Fist of the Zhong Lung. When I am back home I wear a badge of a fist in blue to show my rank."
"The Stargazers are in an interesting position it seems," William replies with a sigh, "It is a shame that we lost them." A thoughtful expression crosses his face before a slight smile comes to it as he watches Kasumi. "You are quiet flexible," he comments as she adjusted her position. It was clear that he was impressed by how she had situated herself.
(and no prob I understand about things may be changing)

"I wonder if it would be worth reaching out the Boli Zow...I am not even going to attempt to pronounce what you said correctly, but, the Glasswalkers over there." William takes a seat against a tree and listens as Kasumi talks.

"That is interesting that neither the phase of the moon nor the position of the sun dictates the auspice. Do people tend to choose something that fits them or just something that they feel comfortable doing? As to the ranks, are they earned in similar fashion through reknown?" He leans forward slightly clearly interested in what Kasumi has to say.

Re: pyrakitt x nightmarefollow WoD 1x1

"I have to be." Slowly she uncurls her legs straight up until she's in a full handstand. Shifting her weight she lifts one hand off the floor then bends the elbow on the remaining arm slowing lowering herself. Once her head is nearly brushing the floor with a grunt she pours all her strength into pushing off with her hand, flipping around in the air she lands on her feet.

Giving William a grin she continues, "I'm homid born and fight mostly in the city. Shifting is not always an option there." Dropping easily back into a comfortable sitting position Kasumi ponders how to answer the questions.
"I can't answer with any certainty. I haven't spent much time in any of China's cities. Hope they keep in touch with your Glasswalkers and maybe you'll get somewhere?"

"They choose what is their way. Their purpose. What the Emerald Mother has outlined for them. It is very rare to regret that choice. As rare as it is for the Sunset people to do so. And yes we also gain rank through Renown. Though we prefer Virtue to Honor."
"Fighting in a city can be difficult sometimes," William replies with a nod, "it is still very impressive, I do not think I know anyone as flexible as you, come to think of it." He pauses and thinks for a moment. "I can hope they do, if not, then well that could be an interesting visit," he chuckles, "though probably one that will not end well."

William adjusts his position slightly. "I am going to guess you have some sort of laws, like we have the litany, and I understand if you cannot give me a complete answer on this question, but do you know if your laws are similar at all to ours? If need be I can tell you what ours are and we can compare that way."

Re: pyrakitt x nightmarefollow WoD 1x1

"It's also fun knowing I can take on someone, no matter their form, while staying in homid. It's the little tricks..." She punches out suddenly toward William her hand a lighting quick blur that stopped more than a foot away. From mid forearm down scales started to sprout and the hand was no longer human but a smaller, but no less deadly version of her archid claws. "When nothing but the supernatural can even track what's happened it makes discovery a moot point."

Dropping her hand back to her knee she regards William quietly for a moment. "I've spoken quite a bit about the Court already, I'd like to hear about the Sunset tribes way of doing things. I've heard a lot from Bron but can always use a refresher course."
William's eyes followed Kasumi's fist. In a reflexive action his head moved back slightly as her fist approached him. A smile was on his face however has he spoke. "It is always useful to be able to fight in any form. Our enemies have many tricks, we must have them as well."

"Forgive me, I tend to get focused sometimes on things. Would you like me to start with our litany or do you have any specific questions you wish to ask?"
William adjusts himself so he is sitting a bit straighter and takes a deep breath. He clears his throat before speaking "Garou shall not mate with garou, combat the Wyrm wherever it dwells and whenever it breeds, Respect the territory of another, accept an honorable surrender, submission to those of higher station, the first share of the kill for the greatest in station, ye shall not eat the flesh of man, respect those beneath ye; all are of Gaia, the veil shall not be lifted, do not suffer thy people to tend thy sickness, the leader may be challenged at any time during peace, the leader may not be challenged during wartime, and ye shall take no action that causes a caern to be violated." He pauses for a moment and takes another deep breath and slowly lets it out. "Do you have any questions about any of those?" his tone is curious and patient.

Re: pyrakitt x nightmarefollow WoD 1x1

An eyebrow is raised as William recites the Litany. "Yeah. Why so much redundancy? Isn't challenging a leader in time of peace the same as not challenging them in a time of war? And when is it a time of war? Isn't that too vague? Aren't you always in a fight with the Dissolver?"

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