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I keep hearing about Dappervolk... and a few times I've heard about another upcoming avatar site that I can't remember the name of. I know it has taller avatars that I'm not interested in right now. Dappervolk looks real cute, though! I'm not really to into pet sites, but the art is super nice!

Voltra is doing pretty well so far, in my opinion. Flying through some goals with post counts/users joined. But it can be pretty hard to judge sites right off the bat sometimes. Some of them still end up closing down. I do know the owner, though, and he's pretty passionate. It may seem Fork-like, but I don't think he's on the team?

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Saiyouri - glad it's not just me then. It's like information overload every time I read an announcement there and I can't make sense of what is actually supposed to be happening.

Lol, I don't know if Fork is there, I don't think he is - but in the end I just don't like the aesthetic so I don't really think to go there.

Is it Maniae?

I wanna see Dappervolk succeed but at the same time I'm like...I dunno. They are gonna have to bring a lot to the table in order to appeal to today's youth and keep those of us who have kinda grown up and gotten busy.
Well seems Solia is offline right now for backing up everything. They stated they have no idea how long it will take them but they will let us know what's going on. So now I wonder if they might be trying to push towards whatever that site they are trying to make.

A friend told me that Midorea choose not to go towards their RPG like thing they have been working on. I checked their site but I can't see anything at all that seems to state what is going on with their upgrade to 2.0. Sad because I loved that site so much when I found it. Something about it appeals to me and I have no idea what it is.

I also have high hopes for Dapper fox. I have no idea how they will work their site. I hope it's nothing like Furvilla. That one seems rather complicated and a bit of a cash grab with their horrible gaia like gapcha monthlies. >.>
It's always really weird come back to an avi site after a long hiatus and they have changed everything, but I understand. Unfortunately the glory days of forum based communication and avatar sites are behind us in favor of quicker instant chat phone apps and games.

Trying to change with the times is understandable, even if it sometimes makes things a bit more difficult.
The main reason why I joined this site was because I wanted to find a new avatar site like Gaia, since that site has been downhill and never had any plans to return on that site because of negative stuff they did to the users, like banning my sister for example. It's got to the point that they're becoming greedy with their surveys and ads on there, and it's freaking annoying. I also go to other community forum sites, but the most recent website I am more active is a YouTube forum (it's not an official forum, but it has to do with the ongoing fad that was still going on YouTube, you probably know what it is, if not then it has to do with YouTube Poop).

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Holding off on fully boarding the new Solia because I have no idea what Vidya is,
didn't find anything on it and I also don't want to use a social media account to sign up for it???

I liked Midorea's little RPG thing they had on the site.
I don't know if it's because Roliana was the first avatar site i joined, but I never found another one I like as much as Roli. Maybe its because it seems the friendliest? It's more laid-back and actually feels like a 'community', plus the actual avatars are by far the best I've seen. That being said I haven't checked out any other sites in years so maybe there are better alternatives now but even so, I doubt I'd like any of them as much as Roliana.

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gaia has a new premium currency :o

Gaia is moving to a new currency to deal with inflation! Platinum is now the currency on Gaia. On top of that, everything on gaia now grants in platinum currency that is adjusted to the marketplace prices. What that means is you'll earn much more than what you used to in gold, and it will be easier to afford the items you want.

One Platinum is worth 10 million Gold. You might be starting off with a small amount of platinum, but don't worry, as soon as you start playing games or posting in the forums, you'll be earning platinum in no time!

If you want to see how much gold you have, you can visit the Account Settings Page to change your currency options. But you will only be earning the big bucks with your currency set to Platinum, so be sure to make Platinum your default setting moving forward!

We hope you'll enjoy the new currency and a more affordable marketplace.
cool! I have 2k platinum now instead of like the bazillions in gold i had which is nice
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