Charities, lotteries, and giveaways ahoy!
That's a good way to look at it!
I'd definitely try to see about messaging someone, though, in case you want some of your old items back!

It's going well for me. Just working on art stuff a lot.
Doing Inktober, too!

Yeah I go back and forth between being active and a little lurky/quiet. Kinda goes with how quiet the sites been lately, too, ya know.
@foxotanashi Good lord this site has changed the first post I made on this account I Was on my phone since I was without a laptop (I got addmited to the hospital for over night observation) I'm just now getting on here on my laptop LOL yeah I miss my old items but I Would not know who to even contact first second MY original accounts email isnt active anymore nor do I really remember it sadly XD
@foxotanashi I sent a message just waiting for a reply .got admitted to the hospital again (joy) that's three weeks now im on my ohone cause my laptop wont connect xD oh's been a day hopefully you all's day is a tad better i should hopefully only be here overnight i all depends

Re: ♥Candyland Charity♥ Free Raffle: Pumpkins MI


that's good you are keeping up though :D
Think it was last year I tried to crochet a flower a day and was hard, they are simple flower but balancing it work it's hard. Though after I put them all together and took a picture I love it! Was so happy that I did it XD

So what kind of stuff do you draw?
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Re: ♥Candyland Charity♥ Free Raffle: Pumpkins MI


Yes there's this guy on DA he did stuff for inktober and he's amazing! I'm like how can you do that with just ink!
Oh love what you got there! Guess you got a new follower ;)
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I thought that was you since you mentioned the crotchet! Thank you <3

Yeah some people can do some crazy amazing stuff! And it's not just only normal ink. People can do digital stuff, too, if they want.
I've just been doing simple things so doing a daily thing won't stress me out and I'll actually get it finished. xD
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