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Yeah maybe they feel stable. Like they don't need constant re-assurance that they're hot or whatever? I dunno.

It's bloody annoying.

Omg did I ever tell you about that one time in 2015 where I was working in a school and one of the kids called me ma'am? In a way that child is raised perfectly because he shows respect to others.
But I felt so OLD ! :laughing: I guess it all has its downsides and upsides haha.

I hope my future, currently non existant, kids will be kind though. And respectful and definitely not bullies. Open for all kinds of people, no matter their skin color or religion or sexual preferences. Just be friends with them all and see them for what they are: people. All shapes and sizes. Just accept everyone and not to judge them.


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Ma'am! XD That is such a rare thing! lol
Like when I went to my friend's house she tell her kid to call me "auntie" which is the polite way but that moment I felt so old!

Yes I think it'll go that way but just a slow process. Maybe I'll see it when I'm in my 80s XD
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We both prefer to remain young forever XD

I wonder sometimes, what the world will be like in 50 years time.


Re: ·٠•●★˟ NightSky Charity || small hiatus, will ...


Yup! But sometimes I guess we need to face the truth..... forever young in our hearts!!!
Oh someone at work thinks I'm in my 20s XD (I'm 30)

50 years time.... hmm.... well... we might have flying cars if not cars that can be powered by some other stuff. Gender isn't a problem? People are marrying with aliens?
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Oh you're looking very hopefull to the future haha. I'm even wondering if we're still alive by then. Maybe some idiot pressed the wrong button and KABOEM! World gone XD


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