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@Jodelien : Oh thank you soooo much for that link! That will help out ALOT!


Your're welcome. It was more or less a lucky Google, but it seemed to have a lot of info. :grin:

I did finish my blouse! Yay, next on my pile, stretch jeans, I did a first quick fit and I have to fix some whiskers, but I do like it! Didn't start topstiching yet, so I could still change my view. After that, maybe a sweater (or 2 sweaters? Tees?) For my boys. I picked up neat guitar sweat fabric and still have some other cute fabrics for them. And I found a neat pattern in the Knippie, with inseam kangaroo pockets, I really like that style. :)
Any new crafts yet? :)

I've been super lazy myself, I did a rough fit on the pants and I think they'll be nice, but after removing the basting, I didn't do anything at all. :disappointed_relieved:
I had my craft supplies all packed-away until recently, since I was in the process of moving to a new town. I'm all settled-in now, so I've finally been able to dig-out what I decided to bring along.

I'm working on a quilt, and am currently in the process of arranging and re-arranging blocks before sewing them together.

Aaaand...I managed to crochet this little friend out of some scrap yarn I found mixed in with my arts-and-crafts supplies.
(The tail has a wire in it, so it can be posed in different ways.)
The cat is cute! And pretty smart idea to put wire in the tail, I wouldn't have thought of that. :)

I joined another clothes test, so I'm going to sew a sweater in a week. I work best with a strict deadline. xD
Haven't posted in here in awhile.

Haven't really done any sewing lately. Just haven't had much time for it lately. Haven't done any crafting lately really.

I did buy some stuff today to make a Christmas wreath though. I started on it but I didn't get enough ribbon. I'll have to get another roll another day.
I have a simple quilt I've been meaning to work on that only has one block sewn, simply because I just haven't been in the mood lately to do the rest of it.

I've also (vaguely) started another crochet project, though I'm not entirely sure how this one will turn-out yet.
Honestly, I've got so many projects half started its starting to get a little ridiculous. Most of which are sewing projects. I really need to start trying to finish some of these projects. Or at least make some progress on some, like get a few quilt tops finished.
I think everyone ends up with projects that sit for a while. I have so many in various states of completion that it is sad. XD I bought a tote to sort my yarn into the other day and I haven't yet had time to do that either with all the holiday stuff going on.
I guess I did finish one project for holiday gifts. My dog was put to sleep in June of this year and I saved some clippings of his fur with plans to make a memorial charm. I couldn't work on it for the longest time without crying, so I had to stay away while I healed. I used pieces of his harness and his fur, hammered a quarter flat and stamped his name into it. Crimped some .357 shell casings to house his fur tufts and fashioned a nifty little set of three memorial charms. One for myself and the other two were holiday gifts for my Mom and brother.
Next big project, clean up my sewing room, fold my fabrics and try to make something out of the mess I have created. My sewing "office" is stuffed with fabrics, I cannot use my ironing board and there are patterns all over.

I already cleaned out another cupboard to move over the games from "my" sewing spot, but I really should start on a good clean up between the holidays. :D I have the feeling my inspiration or "sewjo" might just come back as well... ;-)
The kitty is adorable!! The memorial charm sounds beautiful too <3

I have finished 3 cross stitch projects and will be framing and mailing them out this weekend WOOT!
My next project is one I need to finish, I completed 40 pages (4 designs x10ea) for an exchange so I took the pages I got and glued them to stock card to give them some structure. I was going to just punch holes and put binder rings on it, but now I think I'll wrap the edges in yarn so my nephew doesn't start peeling the felt up. It does make it harder though, I think my best bet will be to punch holes with a push pin then go in with the needle

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Not a lot of project for me. Finished the headband my sister wanted in December then couldn't get it posted (cause I was so ill). By the time I told my sister I'm going to post it in Jan she was like "na.... keep it there cause I'm flying over soon. Don't waste your money on postage"

Other then that making little things for my kitten to play with.
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