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@Jodelien : Oh thank you soooo much for that link! That will help out ALOT!


Your're welcome. It was more or less a lucky Google, but it seemed to have a lot of info. :grin:

I did finish my blouse! Yay, next on my pile, stretch jeans, I did a first quick fit and I have to fix some whiskers, but I do like it! Didn't start topstiching yet, so I could still change my view. After that, maybe a sweater (or 2 sweaters? Tees?) For my boys. I picked up neat guitar sweat fabric and still have some other cute fabrics for them. And I found a neat pattern in the Knippie, with inseam kangaroo pockets, I really like that style. :)
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The two male voices were in fact members of the de[…][…]

always nice to have ppl come back!

hi and welcome aboard!!

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