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Re: [ Rate the Avatar Above You ]

woah, love the color pop!
you were really able to get all of those colors in!
i just feel like the froggy tube is just a bit much compared to how well everything else is balanced out
love it!

Re: [ Rate the Avatar Above You ]

No one in particular actually. I just instantly thought 'K-pop' when I saw your avatar.
Tell me who you're cosplaying as if you are in fact dressed as a famous Korean idol :grin:

Re: [ Rate the Avatar Above You ]

10/10 It looks amazingly well balanced, and I can't even fathom how many layers there are (or how long it took to put together). Your avatar truly looks like a goddess.

Re: [ Rate the Avatar Above You ]

Wishing for sunnier skies and brighter times . . . ☀* °


I assume you're cosplaying? ^v^ since i don't know who you're cosplaying, i can't really judge, but i trust that you did well, since your avatars are always great. :wink:

Re: [ Rate the Avatar Above You ]



Your avatars are always stunning, Chu* ^^
The colors and items all go so well together in such a complex yet elegant way.


(P.S. For the next poster to reference, my current avatar is a cosplay of Soraka:)
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